Pregnant Without Symptoms, This is The Medical Explanation

According to a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 in 475 women do not realize they are pregnant until 20 weeks, and 1 in 2,500 women only learn about their pregnancy after giving birth.

At this point, maybe the moms are wondering, how can you get pregnant but don’t realize it? Here are some examples of conditions that make a person not realize that he is pregnant:

Fear of Rejection of Pregnancy

Self-denial is the strongest mechanism, allowing one to talk to oneself. This condition is usually carried out by people who have sex before marriage.

Pregnant without symptoms : Weight Change

Frequent weight loss or gain makes a woman unaware of her pregnancy. In obese women, pregnancy tends to make her body shape does not change.

Menstrual Cycle Disorders

Menstrual disorders make women feel pregnant without symptoms. The disorder is generally triggered by stress, the influence of certain drugs, obesity, or PCOS. Late or not menstruating in some people is common.

Not Feeling Baby Movement

Feeling the movement of the baby is one of the signs of pregnancy. Otherwise, the condition makes a woman experience pregnancy without symptoms. It can also be a sign if the placenta is in front of or outside the uterus.


Consuming or using contraceptives often leaves pregnant women without symptoms. They consider late menstruation is common because of the use of contraception.

So, to find out a definite pregnancy, moms can ask the doctor directly. Another important thing is to reduce stress so that pregnancy remains enjoyable. You can also read other pregnancy related information on any platform!

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