Benefits of Pregnancy Exercises and Safe Movements for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise. Pregnancy often makes the body tired more quickly. As a result, mothers become more often want to lie down relaxed either on the sofa or bed. In fact, not moving actively during pregnancy actually makes the body not fit. In addition, it will also complicate the delivery process later.

Well, so that the body is always in shape during pregnancy and the mother can increase muscle strength for childbirth, the mother needs to exercise regularly. One sport that is relatively safe for most pregnant women is pregnancy exercise. This sport is said to have many benefits for pregnant women.

So, what are the benefits of pregnancy exercise and what movements are safe for pregnant women? Come on, find out the explanation here!

Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise

In general, pregnancy exercise includes exercises to increase flexibility, strength, and maintain the cardiovascular system. If you were previously used to doing aerobics, then it’s best when you are pregnant, you need to modify your exercise movements to avoid too many kicks, jumps, and other movements that risk endangering you and the fetus. However, if you are just starting to actively do gymnastics, you should choose special exercises for pregnant women.

An example of proper pregnancy exercise is aerobic exercise with a slow rhythm that does not involve jumping and kicking movements. This pregnancy exercise can be used to increase the stamina of women who are pregnant. By not jumping and kicking, you can protect your joints and lower pelvis from stress. If you kick, run, and jump too often during pregnancy, the lower pelvic muscles will weaken. Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise

Here are some of the benefits of regular pregnancy exercise, including:

  • Helps avoid excessive weight gain.
  • Makes sleep more restful.
  • Strengthens the heart and lungs.
  • Strengthen joints.
  • Tighten muscles.
  • Relieves aches and pains felt during pregnancy.
  • Relieve pain due to increased load on the spine.
  • Helps prevent pregnancy complications.

On the other hand, psychologically, pregnancy exercise can also make you think more positively because you feel better prepared for childbirth. In addition, after the baby is born, pregnancy exercise is useful to help you recover your body shape and stamina before pregnancy.

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

It is recommended that pregnancy exercise be carried out for approximately 30 minutes, 2-4 times a week. You can do pregnancy exercises at home with a trusted video guide or book. Here are some simple moves you can do,Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise :

1. Pregnant Squats

Pregnancy exercise activities by squatting or pregnant squats can help open the birth canal for the baby. Well, moms can try doing pregnant squats with an exercise ball.

The stages of the movement include:

  • Open your legs slightly and stand straight with your back against a wall with an exercise ball squeezed between your back and the wall.
  • Lower your body with your feet forming a 90 degree angle.
  • After that return to the original position and repeat 10 times.

2. Wall Push-ups

Push ups are useful for strengthening the chest muscles and triceps on the back of the upper arm.

The stages of the movement include:

  • Stand facing a wall with both hands straight against the wall. From the side, the body looks leaning forward, as if pushing against a wall. Then open your legs at shoulder level.
  • Bend your elbows slowly and bring your chest close until your chin is close to the wall. Keep your back straight.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat up to 15 times.

3. Gymnastics

Floor exercises can help strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

The stages of the movement include:

  • Take a position resembling a chair while kneeling to form 90 degrees and both arms straight in front of you. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders.
  • Lift and straighten one leg parallel to the back then hold for a while
  • Switch to the other leg.
  • Repeat 10 times for the left leg and 10 times for the right leg.

4. Step up

For this movement, the mother needs to prepare a footing, such as steps or a small stool that is sturdy and not slippery. The benefits of this movement are to strengthen the muscles in the buttocks, calves, hamstrings, and legs.

The stages of the movement include:

  • Stand relaxed against a wall, so you can hold on. Keep your back straight.
  • Get on the step with your left or right foot.
  • Next, go down by starting with your left foot slowly.
  • When returning to the starting position, repeat the same steps with the other leg.
  • Do this movement with the left and right legs alternately and repeat 20-30 times.

Those are some of the benefits of pregnancy exercise that you need to know, ranging from helping to avoid excessive weight gain to preventing pregnancy complications. Besides being able to do it yourself at home, mothers can also join pregnancy exercise classes that are available in many places.

Generally, pregnancy exercise instructors are midwives who are experienced in handling the birth process. Remember, in doing pregnancy exercises, movements and breathing exercises are two things that are prioritized to prepare your body for childbirth.


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