What is Pandemic? When will the Pandemic be Over?

What is Pandemic? And when will this Covid-19 pandemic be over? Let’s discuss the pandemic deeper.

In 2019, a series of flu-like diseases have emerged from Wuhan China. This disease is then named Sars Cov-19 or named as Covid-19. It has flu-like symptoms but is different from Flu, it is very infectious, mutated very fast, causing a person infected by Covid-19 to have respiratory infection syndrome such as sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, and spreading through aerosol, and droplets.

Most case of Covid-19 has a mild case of the mild and moderate flu-like syndrome and then recovers for a while without any special treatment. However, some people when infected by Covid-19 develop a severe illness, requiring medical attention. What makes Covid-19 different in some people? And how they can develop into severe cases for some people?

In 2020, WHO (World Health Organization) has declared an emergency of the world pandemic due to the severe, and rapid case of Covid-19 all around the world. In 2020, Covid-19 has spread all over the world at a very rapid and frightening pace, with a daily case of Covid-19 more than 100.000 active cases in the United States alone. The world has entered the first modern-era pandemic of Covid-19.

But what is pandemic? When will the disease be called a pandemic? Here is a description of the Pandemic, how it is different from any common illness, and also what makes them frightening events in human history.

What Is Pandemic and Why It Is Such a Big Deal?

A pandemic is a widespread disease, often a worldwide spreading of a new or mutated strain of the disease, such as mutated Influenza virus, or Sars Cov-19 also known as Covid-19. Pandemic is dangerous because it is so widespread, spreading far, wide, and often at a rapid alarming speed of infection. 

A Pandemic is different from an epidemic. The difference is in how many cases of illness, how it spread, and occurring cases. An epidemic tends to occur in one single community or region, but it won’t stop further and can be effectively contained within that region. Pandemic, however, is spread worldwide at an alarming speed, affecting worldwide, and creating a massive impact on public health.

To effectively halt pandemics is to develop a cure or a vaccine, but it is not guaranteed to be 100% effective at stopping pandemics due to the nature of fast mutating pandemics such as with Covid-19 new variants like Delta, or Omicron. 

However, Covid-19 is not the first pandemic human have ever seen. Across history, human beings have experienced several pandemics, from the earliest civilization of fertile crescents like Mesopotamia, the classical roman era, and even the famous black death pandemic that wipe out nearly 2/3 of the European population in the 13th century. 

Pandemic Has Been Together With A Human Being Since The First Civilization

If we take a look at human history, human has been experiencing several pandemics throughout history, civilizations, and time. The earliest known pandemic is in Mesopotamia, to be precisely in the ancient kingdom of Sumer. The archeologist has found a trace of massive infectious disease affecting remains, and they suspect that pandemic is also one of the reasons Sumer kingdom declined.

Humankind has experienced several pandemics in its history. For instance, the well-known Black Death is a pandemic that affects all over the world from China, the Middle East, some parts of Africa, and into Europe. Black Death or bubonic plague is an illness caused by a bubonic virus spread in lice carried by rats. 

It is estimated that more than 10 million people died across the world due to bubonic plague, and even wipe out at least 2/3 of the European population in the 13th century. 

When Will The Pandemic Be Over?

Back in modern times, in Coronavirus pandemic, one thing that many people ask is when will pandemic be over? Can we return to normal life after the pandemic is over? To answer this we need to know that WHO is an organization that stated the emerging pandemic of Coronavirus and is responsible for taking steps on how to end this pandemic.

To end pandemic, there are at least two strategies that WHO can approach. One is to race through the pandemic. Racing through pandemic means that they don’t do anything to prevent the spread of the pandemic, let pandemic infect as much of the population, by doing this, the hospital will be overcrowded with people affected by the Coronavirus, and some people might even lose their life.

After at least 90% of the world, the population has been affected by the pandemic, then immunity is starting to build up in the community, forming herd immunity that protects people from being infected by the Coronavirus. This strategy is fast, but it is also very dangerous, and the fatality will be very high.

Another better strategy is to delay and vaccinate. Delay the spreading of Corona as much as we can by social distancing, and self-quarantine to delay for a scientist to develop a vaccine for Covid-19. Once the vaccine has been developed, herd immunity can be formed, and the pandemic will gradually be over. 

That was the answer on what is pandemic and when will pandemic over. 

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