Understanding the Meaning of Prosthodontist

Have you ever experienced losing a tooth or having a jaws problem? If you have, you might be familiar with the word Prosthodontist. There are some dental specialists which are going to take care of your dental problems based on your condition.

So, it is not that all your dental problems can be done only by dentists. If you have specific problems, it would be better to have your dental specialist take care of your problem in the best way. Talking about a Prosthodontist, what is a Prosthodontist?

Getting to Know About Prosthodontist

It can be a traumatizing experience for losing your oral structures or your natural teeth for any reason, whether due to a major accident, natural age, or congenital condition. For example, someone’s ability to chew and smile can be lost in some cases.

Moreover, the cases can be so extreme sometimes that that person will feel uneasy walking out in public without being embarrassed by their appearance. This case can be fixed by Prosthodontists, they will restore oral functions, allowing patients to continue their normal lives without experiencing dental pain, constraints, and humiliation.

What is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a field of dental care where dentists are specialized in tooth restoration. Specifically, a prosthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the replacement and restoration of damaged or lost teeth, facial matters, and complex dental issues with artificial prostheses.

 Prosthodontists have extensive experience with dentures, dental implants, jaw abnormalities, bridges, and other procedures. By visiting a prosthodontist, you will have the correct diagnosis, rehabilitation, treatment planning, and the right maintenance to preserve or restore health, appearance, and dental functions.

What Make Prosthodontist Differs from Dentist

You might be wonder what makes both a Prosthodontist and a Dentist differ from each other because they generally take care of dental problems. Dentists will handle all of the essentials connected with keeping your teeth functioning and healthy. Meanwhile, Prosthodontists specialize in highly specific areas of restoration and dentistry.

A dentist will sometimes refer you to see a prosthodontist when you need work done that is not related to normal dentistry. Consider the difference between dentist and prosthodontist as your family doctor and an orthopaedist to differ between a dentist and a prosthodontist.

Some Treatments from Prosthodontist

Prosthodontists deal with a wide range of dental problems and most of them revolve around missing teeth. In addition to treating oral injuries, Prosthodontists can aid with snoring issues, cleft palates, and sleep apnea.

Prosthodontists usually collaborate with other dental experts as part of a treatment team in severe cases. Here are some treatments that Prosthodontists give to their patients.

  1. Bridges and implants

A prosthodontist may recommend a bridge as the best tooth-replacement option if you have lost one or more teeth. A bridge is made up of one or might be more crowns that are joined together to form a single entity. Then, the bridge will get fixed to the healthy teeth on the other side of the gap.

With no gaps and missing teeth between the teeth, the teeth will look healthier and more beautiful. You have to keep in mind that bridges must require specific maintenance and must be cleaned on a regular basis.

On the other side, implants have replaced bridges as a popular preferred way of replacing lost teeth. A dental implant, which comprises a titanium post and a false tooth will be created for you by the prosthodontist.

Although the prosthodontist may delegate the surgical procedure to other specialists, they will be the ones who will design the implant for you. The titanium post will be welded to your jaw bone to make sure it will be a lifelike fake tooth that blends and be stable with the remaining teeth.

  • Jaw, sleep, and snoring issues

If you have temporomandibular disorder, snoring, and sleep problems, you should contact a prosthodontist. The muscles and joints that surround your jaw make up the temporomandibular area of your body.

TMJ is how most people refer to these problems in this area. Many people have these issues with this area which become more obvious when they chew, sleep, or yawn. A prosthodontist can assist you in resolving your issues by providing you with the appropriate treatment.

  • Tooth reconstruction

Another treatment that a prosthodontist will do for you is tooth reconstruction. A prosthodontist works to repair the function and appearance of your teeth after they have been damaged by decay. Trauma, or other circumstances.

A prosthodontist is a dentist who will place the crown on your teeth after you have undergone a root canal. You must have heard about many people have done porcelain veneers. You can be sure that they went to a prosthodontist to receive thin ceramic teeth caps.

  • Dentures

What is a prosthodontist? You might have gotten the meaning. And another treatment they will do for you is dentures. They would likely propose dentures if you miss all or a major portion of your teeth. False teeth can be clipped to fit your mouth in various ways.

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