Treatment that can be done by people with Rasmussen syndrome

“Rasmussen syndrome is a rare chronic inflammatory neurological disease that affects only one hemisphere of the brain. Because it is difficult or impossible to control with medication, the most effective treatment options are surgery, including a hemispherectomy.”

Treatment that can be done by people with Rasmussen syndrome

Halodoc, Jakarta – Rasmussen syndrome presents with symptoms of frequent and severe seizures, loss of motor and speech skills, paralysis on one side of the body (hemiparesis), inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), and mental decline. Treatment of Rasmussen’s syndrome is often through a combination of anti-seizure drugs, therapy, and surgery.

Stages of Development of Rasmussen Syndrome

Children with Rasmussen Syndrome will experience seizures that occur in half or one area of ​​the brain. For months or years, these seizures negatively affect brain function. There are three stages of this syndrome:

  • Prodromal stage. During this stage, a child has intermittent focal seizures. This means seizures don’t happen as often. Children often have no neurological problems.
  • acute stage. During this stage, seizures become more frequent. The affected side of the brain will shrink. This causes problems with brain function in the area from which the seizures originate. In addition to other neurological symptoms, seizures can also cause weakness, changes in vision and voice.
  • residual stage. During this stage, there are fewer seizures. However, there is often significant shrinkage in parts of the brain. This shrinkage can cause severe neurological problems.

Treatment Options for Rasmussen’s Disease

Identifying and diagnosing Rasmussen Syndrome early is key to managing the disorder. There are several ways that this condition can be managed properly.

Be sure to discuss all treatment options with your doctor. The treatment options for Rasmussen Syndrome include:

1. Anticonvulsants

The management of seizures in Rasmussen’s syndrome involves the administration of various anti-seizure drugs, often a combination of drugs. The best drugs for controlling focal seizures should be taken alone or in combination with other anti-seizure medications. Drug options include oxcarbazepine, levetiracetam, and lacosamide.

2. Immunomodulatory therapy

Medications that target the immune system greatly contribute to the development of Rasmussen Syndrome. Some examples include steroid therapy, tituximab, azathioprine, and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). Doctors can give drugs in combination by having discussions with neurologists and children.

3. Hemispherectomy surgery

Surgery is an option that must be considered to treat Rasmussen Syndrome. Although it can cause complications, surgery is often the treatment option that gives the best results over other methods.

In fact, parents who decide to do treatment and surgery early can help minimize the effects on the other hemisphere of the brain. The potential complications that may occur include bleeding, infection, weakness on the opposite side of the body, and loss of vision

Meanwhile, if you do surgery earlier, the brain can tolerate loss of function in one part. This is done by making the connection on the normal side. However, no treatment can stop the progression of this condition.

For most children with Rasmussen Syndrome, early surgery will help reduce seizures. These actions may have a positive impact on cognitive and functional outcomes. However, even with surgery, many children still develop conditions such as:

  • Cognitive problems.
  • Problems with speech, walking, or others.

Often, children with Rasmussen Syndrome will need to take several antiseizure medications for years or the rest of their lives. In addition, children with this condition may also need frequent monitoring by carrying out EEG examinations and brain imaging. This is because this syndrome is often a lifelong disorder.

Some diseases in children are quite rare. However, it never hurts to have regular medical check-ups and attend to all of his medical needs. Check and downloads application Halodocfree from both the App Store and Play Store.

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