Transmission of Parasitic Infections that Need to be Watched

“Parasites are one source of disease that causes disruption through the spread of infection. There are various ways of transmitting infection from parasites that need to be avoided.”

Transmission of Parasitic Infections that Need to be Watched

Hellodoc, Jakarta – Infection is the cause of disease that can cause big problems if not treated immediately. One of the disorders that can cause this infection disorder is parasites.

These invisible animals often parasitize other species in order to stay alive. However, some types of parasites can cause disease, especially when they spread infection when they enter the body.

However, how does the transmission of infection from this parasite occur? By knowing this, you can avoid it in an effective way, because parasitic infections can be a dangerous problem.

Various Ways of Transmission of Parasitic Infections

Parasites can be transmitted from one host to another in the following ways:

1. Oral Method

The mode of transmission of this parasite is fairly common. Usually through the consumption of food, water, or vegetables that have been contaminated with the feces of someone who has been contaminated with the parasite.

Therefore, the cleanliness of the food and drinks consumed must be truly guaranteed. To ensure this, it would be better to cook your own food, so that it is well maintained.

2. Enter through the skin and mucous membranes

The infection is transmitted by penetrating or penetrating the skin, especially in a person walking barefoot on contaminated soil. In addition, you can also experience transmission of parasitic infections due to bites of blood-sucking insects.

Be sure to wear footwear when you go outside, to avoid the risk of parasites entering your body. In addition, avoid getting bitten by insects by using anti-insect lotion.

3. Physical and Sexual Contact

Some parasites can also be passed from person to person through kissing or contaminated eating utensils. In addition, there can also be spread through sexual contact. Some parasites are even more susceptible to being transmitted by sexual contact in homosexuals, such as Giardia and Enterobius.

4. From Mother to Fetus

Transmission of the parasite can also occur transplacental, meaning it passes from the infected mother to the fetus. Immediate action needs to be taken to prevent various dangerous problems that can occur to the fetus due to parasitic infections.

5. Blood Transfusion

Certain parasites can also be transmitted when someone has a blood transfusion or blood donation. Some of these species, including Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Leishmania, and many more.

Those are some ways of transmitting parasitic infections that need to be avoided. Because the disorders that can occur in each person can be different, some are mild to severe.

It is also very important to pay attention to pregnant women, someone who has a weak immune system, and the elderly. Infections that spread in the body are difficult to treat, so they have the potential to cause complications.

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