This is the way to deal with cardiac arrest that can be done

“Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillators can be a treatment for cardiac arrest. By handling it properly, this condition can be handled properly.

This is the way to deal with cardiac arrest that can be done

Halodoc, Jakarta – The heart is a very important organ in the body’s health. There are various disorders that can occur in the heart, one of which is cardiac arrest. This disease can occur due to abnormal heart rhythm disturbances.

Cardiac arrest can be preceded by a number of symptoms. It’s best to know the early signs of cardiac arrest so you can handle it appropriately, so you can avoid the worst conditions of cardiac arrest. Check out various reviews regarding the treatment of cardiac arrest that you can do.

Does Cardiac Arrest Have Early Signs?

Cardiac arrest is a dangerous condition that can occur in the heart. The heartbeat is controlled by electrical impulses. When electrical impulses are disturbed, this condition can affect the heart rate. Disorders of the heartbeat that are not handled properly can cause a person to experience cardiac arrest.

When you have cardiac arrest, your heart will stop beating. However, treatment to save health conditions is very possible. For that, you should know some of the early signs of cardiac arrest so you can survive.

Usually, someone who is about to experience cardiac arrest feels a pounding heartbeat that causes dizziness. In addition, both of them will be accompanied by other symptoms, such as chest pain, nausea, and vomiting. If the condition worsens, the sufferer will experience a fainting condition.

Management of Cardiac Arrest

There are various conditions that cause a person to experience cardiac arrest. Examples include coronary heart disease, enlarged heart, congenital heart disease from birth, to experiencing heart valve disorders.

It is better to carry out regular heart health checks when you have a history of heart health problems. Cardiac arrest generally occurs suddenly, if you or a relative experiences early symptoms of cardiac arrest, you should immediately visit the nearest hospital. You can downloads application Halodoc through the App Store or Google Play to find out the preferred hospital that you will visit and can ask the relevant specialist doctor.

Cardiac arrest can be diagnosed by examining the consciousness of the sufferer. There are several treatments that can be done for cardiac arrest, such as:

1. CPR

CPR is the most important treatment to increase the chance of survival in someone who has a cardiac arrest. CPR is a treatment that can be carried out until treatment with other methods is ready to be carried out.

2. Automated defibrillator or external defibrillator

This tool is used to deliver an electric current (shock) to the chest. This is able to make the electrical impulses in the heart return to normal so that it can beat again. Usually, it takes several times for people with cardiac arrest to survive.

Cardiac arrest can be fatal if not treated within eight minutes of the attack. Then, if this condition is not resolved within five minutes, it risks causing damage to the brain.

If you have a history of heart disease or a family history of cardiac arrest, make sure you take various precautions to avoid this condition. We recommend that you stop smoking because this habit triggers heart problems.

Also, don’t forget to always control your weight. Being overweight or obese is one of the triggers for heart problems that cause cardiac arrest.

Manage stress well, eat a variety of healthy foods, and exercise regularly are other ways you can take steps to prevent cardiac arrest.


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