This is the difference between Scuba Diving and Free Diving that you need to know

“There are several things that distinguish scuba diving and free diving. This includes the equipment needed for diving.”

This is the difference between Scuba Diving and Free Diving that you need to know

hellodoc, Jakarta – Scuba diving and free diving is a fun way to explore the underwater world. Both of these sports involve diving.

Well scuba or freediving, both require the ability to relax and move calmly underwater. However, even though both are diving, these two sports have differences. Let’s see what the differences are below!

Differences Scuba Diving and Free Diving

Here are some differences between sports scuba diving and free diving:

1. Respiration

One of the main differences between the two sports is in the breathing. Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This type of diving allows you to breathe underwater while exploring the ocean, because it carries a scuba tank.

Meanwhile, free diving is diving to a depth without a respirator. So, the diver must hold his breath. Divers also need to equalize. The deeper the dive, the higher the pressure. Therefore, it needs equal distribution regardless of the form of diving carried out.

Diver free diving must inhale as much oxygen on the surface as possible. Then when it runs out of oxygen, it must return to the surface to breathe oxygen again.

2. Diving Equipment

Diving equipment for scuba diving quite a lot, including:

  • Mask.
  • Diving suit.
  • Weight belts and lead weights.
  • Fin.
  • Diving gloves.
  • Diving socks.
  • Buoyancy compensator/buoyancy controller
  • Regulators.
  • Scuba tank.
  • Depth gauge.
  • Submersible pressure gauge.
  • Compass and diving watch.

Meanwhile, to do free divingthe absorber only needs a pair of fins, a mask (better if the volume is low) and snorkel. Divers may opt for a longer pair of fins, as it helps them move more water, and provides better propulsion.

Pros, Cons and Risks

Well scuba diving or free diving has its pros, cons and risks. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take an introduction, safety, and rescue class to find out what you are up against.

The thing to be pro in scuba diving is that this sport allows you to stay underwater longer. A swimmer or not can dive up to ten meters for the first time.

However, scuba diving requires a lot of equipment and may cost a lot of money as well. In addition, the bubbles that come out of the regulator when you exhale can repel sea creatures that you approach.

Meanwhile, free diving On the one hand, it is much cheaper because it requires very little equipment. In addition, because you are holding your breath, you can closely observe the interesting sea creatures while diving.

On the downside, you can only admire it for a few seconds or minutes because you need to breathe more oxygen on the surface. Therefore, you need a lot of practice holding your breath for a long time to be able to dive deeper.

However, as long as you can hold your breath, it won’t last long. This is what is lacking freediving.

As for the risks, divers scuba susceptible to decompression sickness. Therefore, divers must be very careful with the depth and amount of air that is sufficient to safety stop.

Meanwhile, on free diving, the risk is prone to fainting and cramps due to fins. So it’s important to choose the right fins if you want to try free diving.

That’s the discussion about the difference scuba diving and free diving. If you need a consultation with an expert, download Hellodoc just to make a hospital appointment with a Sports Medicine Specialist.

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