This is an example of tolerance that can be taught in schools

“It is important to teach children tolerance in schools in various ways. For example asking children to respect each other and not be arrogant.”

This is an example of tolerance that can be taught in schools

Halodoc, Jakarta – Tolerance is something that needs to be taught to children from an early age. By having a sense of tolerance, it will be easier for children to enter into a new environment. Not only at home, parents also need to teach tolerance in the school environment so that children have the ability to mingle with their friends.

In addition to introducing the differences that are owned by her friends, mothers can introduce tolerance by respecting every difference of opinion. Come on, take a look at the following examples of tolerance that need to be taught to children at school!

Benefits of Teaching Tolerance in Children

Tolerance is an attitude of openness and respect for the differences around. By having an attitude of tolerance, children will be able to respect opinions, cultural gaps, so that it is easier to find a middle ground for a problem they are facing.

In addition, there are various other benefits that children can experience when they have a good sense of tolerance in their environment, such as:

  • Children will find it easier to create peace in their environment.
  • Easier to build positive relationships with others.
  • Able to be fair and wise.
  • Able to create new relationships with others.
  • Have good prejudice with others.

Those are the various benefits for children when they have a good sense of tolerance in themselves. Mothers can be a good example to introduce tolerance to children. The attitude of parents who value and respect other people is certainly a reference for children to increase tolerance.

Also, don’t forget to always answer your little one’s questions when he asks about the differences they feel. Explain the differences precisely with sentences that are easy for children to understand.

Also teach children to always treat other people well. That way, children can have a better sense of tolerance.

Examples of Tolerance That Can Be Taught in Schools

Apart from being at home and in their play environment, mothers also need to teach their children to always have an attitude of tolerance wherever they are, including at school. There are various examples of tolerance that mothers can teach their children at school, such as:

1. Mutual Help Fellow Friends

An example that mothers can give to children is to increase tolerance at school by helping each other. Remind your child not to discriminate or be partial when helping a friend.

2. Appreciate Fellow Friends

Another thing that can be used as an example of tolerance at school is by respecting fellow friends. It is better to explain the differences that might be found in school for children. Emphasize on children to always respect the differences that exist in school.

3. Don’t Be Arrogant

It’s best not to give different and too flashy items to children at school. Also teach not to be arrogant with friends at school so as not to create social inequality.

4. Appreciate Differences Between Friends

Of course, children will find various differences at school with their friends. Starting from differences of opinion, background, to religion.

Give children an understanding of differences according to their age so that children can appreciate these differences and continue to build good relationships with their friends.

Those are some examples of tolerance that can be taught to children at school. Mothers also need to ensure that their children’s health is always in good health when they go to school.

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