This is an easy way to maintain the mental health of pregnant women ahead of delivery

“Apart from the physical, the mental health of pregnant women must also be considered. The aim is not to interfere with the health of pregnant women and their babies and not hinder the delivery process later.”

This is an easy way to maintain the mental health of pregnant women ahead of delivery

Halodoc, Jakarta – It’s normal for mothers to experience stress before giving birth, especially if this is their first birth experience. Mothers certainly have not imagined how the pain of childbirth and healing afterwards. Anxiety about the condition of your little one being born also triggers stress.

Therefore, in addition to physical, mental readiness ahead of delivery also should not be missed. This is because mental problems such as stress or depression can in fact have an impact on physical health and even interfere with the delivery process later. you know!

Tips for Maintaining Mental Health Before Childbirth

There are a number of tips that mothers can do to maintain mental health before delivery, such as:

1. Breathe regularly

Breathing exercises are one of a series of preparations before giving birth. The goal is that the mother can catch her breath so that she can push the baby out more easily. However, the benefits are not limited to that. Breathing exercises can also relieve stress and anxiety.

The reason is, this exercise helps the body relax more so it helps reduce the hormone cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone. When the amount is excessive, mothers are prone to experiencing signs of stress and even depression.

2. Ask for the support of those closest to you

Ask for support from those closest to you, such as your husband, parents, siblings, friends and friends. Their support is very important to ensure the mother is able to have a good birth.

Husband is the most reliable closest person. Don’t hesitate to shed all the worries that you feel. Ask the husband to provide support according to the wishes of the mother during labor later.

Apart from that, relatives and friends, mothers can get support from other pregnant women, yes. In fact, they are better able to understand the mother’s condition and support the mother’s birth choices. So, mothers can join a forum or prenatal class to be able to meet other pregnant women.

3. Ignore negative stories

Mothers must be curious about the stories of other people’s birth experiences. However, not all of them go through a smooth process. It could be that some relatives have difficult and painful stories. Well, this actually has a negative impact on the mentality of the mother, you know!

These negative stories can also appear on social media. So, be as wise as possible when filtering information, okay, ma’am! If you feel that there are things that are negative, you should immediately avoid them or leave them alone.

4. Look for positive birth information

Staying away from negative stories doesn’t mean mothers don’t find out about the birth process. In fact, these health tips about before and after childbirth are very important. The trick is to read more books about childbirth, take part in webinars or look for birthing tips on health information accounts on social media.

These tips from experts are of course different from the stories of other people’s experiences. Apart from being proven accurate in the medical world, professional health workers must deliver the information in the best way.

So, if you have other questions about childbirth, don’t hesitate to contact an obstetrician through the application Halodoc just. Doctors who are experts in their fields will answer your questions as well as provide the best solutions. Do not delay before the condition worsens, downloads Halodoc right now!

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