These are the myths and facts about anesthesia that need to be known

“Anesthesia is often given before surgery. Apparently, so far there are many myths about anesthesia that need to be straightened out.”

These are the myths and facts about anesthesia that need to be known

Halodoc, Jakarta – Anesthesia is the use of drugs to prevent pain during surgery and other procedures. This medication may be given by injection, inhalation, topical lotion, spray, eye drops, or skin patches. It works by numbing certain body parts or temporarily eliminating the patient’s consciousness.

Unfortunately, so far there have been many myths about anesthesia that need to be straightened out. For example, anesthesia is often thought of as a temporary complete loss of consciousness. In fact, this drug is available in several types so that it produces different effects.

Myths and Facts About Anesthesia

So, here are some myths and facts about anesthesia:

1. Eliminate consciousness

The fact is, anesthesia doesn’t always kill consciousness. Because, anesthesia has a variety of techniques. There are three types of anesthesia, namely general anesthesia, local anesthesia and regional anesthesia.

In local and regional anesthesia, the effect of the drug will only affect certain parts of the body so that the patient only feels numb.

Well, local anesthesia is generally intended for minor surgeries, such as teeth and cataracts. Meanwhile, regional anesthesia targets a wide area, for example caesarean section and fractures.

Meanwhile, general anesthesia is the type that can eliminate full consciousness. This type is generally used for major operations that require a long time.

2. The patient can still wake up even though he is under general anesthesia

In fact, patients still have the chance to wake up during surgery even though they have received general anesthesia.

This condition is referred to as awareness with recall (AWR). Even so, this is very rare.

AWR itself is an experience or memory of an unwanted operating process. That is, the patient is actually not really conscious while the operation is still in progress.

In addition, AWR can only be known after the operation is complete based on the patient’s own report.

3. Spinal and epidural anesthesia can cause permanent back pain

This information is just a myth. Therefore, spinal and epidural anesthesia are included in the category of regional anesthesia.

That is, this technique is done by injecting drugs into the lining of the nerves in the spine.

While back pain itself can be caused by a number of factors. Starting from the position of the body during surgery, a decrease in medical conditions or injuries from the anesthetic injection site.

So, pain from injection scars actually only affects 25 percent of patients.

In addition, pain is also not permanent and goes away on its own. If the pain does not go away for more than seven days, see a doctor to find the root cause.

4. Anesthesia during a C-section can affect the baby

Safety has been ensured for all operations involving pregnant women, including the selection of the type of anesthesia.

In addition, caesarean sections generally use regional anesthesia by injecting drugs into the inner lining of the nerves in the spine.

So it is impossible for anesthetic drugs to penetrate the placenta and have an impact on the fetus.

Anesthesia also doesn’t affect uterine contractions so it won’t trigger bleeding.

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