These are Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

“There are some tips when snorkeling for beginners. For example, make sure you are always relaxed and don’t run out of breath.”

These are Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

HellodocJakarta – Snorkeling is a sport that has quite a lot of fans, especially for travelers. Snorkeling not only makes the body move actively but also allows us to see the underwater world.

Even though it’s not as detailed diving, snorkeling quite fun and treat curiosity about the mysteries of the underwater world. For those of you who are interested in trying sports snorkelingthere are some tips that you can do as a beginner below!

Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkeling including water sports that are safe to do, even for those of you who can’t swim. However, it still needs special attention for beginners who want to try this sport.

So, what kind of preparation do you do when you want to start exercising? snorkeling? Here’s the review:

1. Know How to Use Snorkeling Equipment

The first thing to do is to know how to use the equipment snorkeling. First place the mask over the eyes and tie the elastic behind the head. Make sure there are no loops and uneven straps near the ears. The straps of the mask should fit snugly around the head area to ensure that the mask doesn’t come off when you move in the water.

2. Take Deep Breaths to Help Relax

During snorkeling You will breathe through your mouth. Maybe this is something that is not usually done and can cause panic. You have to stay relaxed and don’t run out of breath. Taking deep breaths will help you stay relaxed while enjoying the beauty of the underwater world.

3. Don’t Touch the Rocks

Corals are living organisms, so don’t touch or stand on them. Maintaining behavior while underwater is very important for the survival of underwater organisms.

Do not disturb sea creatures or other marine life as this can be dangerous. Some species can even be poisonous. Some of them may react defensively which can then get you hurt.

4. Mandatory Use of Buoys

It is highly recommended that swimmers snorkel using a float device. Some life vests are equipped with a feature that allows them to be inflated through the mouth for added buoyancy.

There is also a relief valve that allows swimmers snorkel dive to the bottom for a closer look at fish and other marine life. For beginners, never snorkeling alone.

5. Observing Weather Conditions

Optimal conditions for snorkeling is when the sea is calm. You need to remember, over time, weather patterns can change. Even with sunny weather predictions, it is important to check for yourself whether the waters are conducive to snorkeling or not. The goal is to prevent unwanted things during snorkeling.

6. Knowing the Snorkeling Location

Know the location where you will do snorkeling. Learn as much as you can about the destination snorkeling. Keep an eye on the surroundings and make sure there aren’t too many waves. Follow all safety regulations, and always try to be vigilant.

7. Don’t Force Yourself

Know your limits, remember that this is a new experience. If you are too tired to finish it, or just feel uncomfortable, you can stop snorkeling anytime.

Benefits of Snorkeling

Unlike diving, snorkelling allows you to see the beauty of the underwater world without having to go deeper. Although not deep into the sea, this water sport can provide health benefits, such as:

1. Strengthen Muscles

Snorkeling are water activities that allow you to train your whole body. Movement of the legs and arms that force the muscles against the flow of water can strengthen the muscles. Kicking harder and paddling your feet can also burn fat.

2. Improve Cardiovascular Health

When exploring underwater and rowing using your arms and legs to keep the water flowing, your heart rate will increase. The faster the movement you do, it allows the heart to work harder.

This ultimately reduces the risk of heart problems like coronary heart disease and heart failure. Besides that, snorkeling allows you to build a greater lung capacity, especially when holding your breath underwater for long periods of time.

3. Improve Mental Health and Mood

Snorkeling helps relieve anxiety and stress and is a water activity that triggers the release of endorphins. It is the chemical that is responsible for making mood better.

You can control mind-soothing breathing as well as meditation, but this is even better because you are underwater. Underwater currents soothe the body and make you feel more comfortable.

That’s information about sports tips snorkeling for beginners. If you have health problems after doing certain sports, you can consult a doctor through the application Hellodoc. In Hellodoc You can consult a Sports Medicine Specialist as well as a Training and Competition Specialist. What are you waiting for? Come on, download Hellodoc right now!

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