These are 4 Effective Ways to Overcome Colitis in Adults

“Inflammation of the large intestine or colitis can cause diarrhea, bloody stools, to abdominal pain or cramps. The good news is, this condition can be treated with medication to keep the body clean.”

These are 4 Effective Ways to Overcome Colitis in Adults

Halodoc, Jakarta – Colitis is an inflammatory condition of the large intestine, which is the main part of the digestive system. In a way, the large intestine is the final place of the journey of the food you consume.

If colitis or inflammation occurs in the large intestine, the process of traveling food can be disrupted. It can even cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in the stool.

Inflammation is a form of the body’s response to infection or injury to the large intestine. This condition can cause swelling and pain in the intestinal tissue. Colitis can be a serious condition if it doesn’t go away. In fact, it can cause serious damage to the large intestine that will affect quality of life.

So, the question is how to deal with colitis in adults?

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Treatment for Colitis

There are various types of colitis which are differentiated by their cause. One of the most common causes of colitis is a viral, parasitic, or bacterial infection. For example, like bacteria Salmonella and E. coli. Most people who experience colitis are caused by consuming food or drink that is contaminated with viruses or bacteria.

Well, the treatment of colitis in adults is based on the conditions that cause it. The following are several ways to treat colitis that doctors generally recommend:

  1. Antibiotics

The first way to deal with colitis is with drugs. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, while corticosteroids to treat inflammation.

  1. Diet changes

Furthermore, the doctor may also suggest making dietary changes. Especially if the sufferer has acute colitis which is temporary. The recommended diet is a diet low in fiber and easy to digest.

However, for cases of chronic colitis, the sufferer may need to make a special diet plan with the doctor. In addition, sufferers need to avoid consuming foods that trigger inflammation of the colon.

  1. Anti-diarrhea and painkillers

The next way to deal with colitis is with anti-diarrhea and painkillers. However, if the symptoms do not improve or there is a risk of complications, the doctor may recommend surgery.

  1. Operation

People with certain types of colitis, such as necrotizing enterocolitis or ischemic colitis, may need surgical treatment to treat complications. Although surgery doesn’t always cure colitis, it may be needed to stop bleeding, repair a perforation, or remove an obstruction in the colon.

However, surgery is rarely performed because the symptoms of colitis tend to be managed with medications and lifestyle changes. One important lifestyle to apply to prevent various diseases, including colitis, is to maintain personal hygiene in the right way.

The Importance of Maintaining Personal Cleanliness

Being active all day outside your home puts you at risk of being exposed to various invisible pollutants and germs. They can stick to the body, causing disease, especially if the body condition is not fit.

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