These are 3 Causes of Someone Experiencing Dejavu from a Psychological Side

“There are several psychological causes that are believed to be a factor in why a person experiences dejavu. One of them is the perception of the mind that splits when witnessing something new.”

These are 3 Causes of Someone Experiencing Dejavu from a Psychological Side

Halodoc, Jakarta – The term dejavu is a term that is often discussed or felt by many people. Well, this term is described as a feeling that what is experienced now has happened in the past, even though the person knows that he has never experienced it at all. Based on the psychological aspect, there are a number of beliefs about what factors cause someone to experience dejavu.

Causes of Someone Experiencing Dejavu

Until now experts could not easily study dejavu. What’s more, dejavu experiences tend to end as quickly as they begin. The sensation may be so fleeting that one is not completely aware of what has just happened.

Experts believe that there are several different causes of dejavu. Most agree that this phenomenon is likely related to memory in several ways. So, here are some theories of the causes of dejavu from experts based on psychology that are widely accepted:

1. Perception of divided mind

The theory of separate or split perception suggests that dejavu occurs when a person sees something at two different times. The first time someone sees something, they may see it briefly or when they are distracted by something else. Well, the brain can begin to form memories of what it saw even with the limited information it gets from an incomplete glance. So, the brain may actually be receiving more than it realizes.

For example, you are looking at a hillside in a new place without really engaging your full attention. This might make you believe that you are seeing it for the first time. In other words, the lack of mindfulness experience when you first see something that enters your perception, feels like two separate events. But it’s really just another perception of the same event.

2. Malfunction of brain circuits

Another theory suggests that this condition occurs when the brain is impaired or malfunctions. This condition can be said if the brain is experiencing short electrical damage. Similar to what happens during an epileptic seizure. Well, this can happen as a sort of mix-up when the part of the brain that tracks current events, and the part of the brain that stores memories are both active. This type of brain dysfunction is generally not a cause for concern unless it occurs regularly.

On the other hand, some experts believe other types of brain damage can cause dejavu. Because, when the brain absorbs information, usually the brain will follow a certain path from short-term memory storage to long-term memory storage. The theory suggests that sometimes short-term memory can take a shortcut to long-term memory storage.

This can make a person feel as if they are replaying an old memory, not something that happened at the last second. Another theory offers an explanation for delayed processing.

3. Memories that come back

Many experts believe that dejavu is also related to how the brain processes and remembers a memory. Research conducted by Anne Cleary, a dejavu researcher and professor of psychology at Colorado State University, United States, has helped generate some support for this theory.

Through her work, she has discovered that dejavu can occur in response to events that resemble something a person has experienced but has no memory of.

Those are some of the causes of dejavu from a psychological perspective. If you often experience it or have mental health complaints, you should immediately contact a psychologist. Well, through the application Halodoc You can ask a trusted psychologist to tell you what you are feeling. Of course through features chats/video calls directly on the application. So what are you waiting for? come on, downloads Halodoc right now!

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