The Advantages of Black Honey Compared to Other Types of Honey

“Black honey has superior nutritional content than other types. Some of the ingredients in it are flavonoids, alkaloids, and saponins which have health benefits.”

The Advantages of Black Honey Compared to Other Types of Honey

Halodoc, Jakarta – Black honey is a type of honey that is dark brown or dark yellow. This type of honey is produced by a group of bees that suck the nectar of mahogany flowers. Apart from mahogany trees, these bees also consume nectar from paitan, calliandara, and cassava rubber flowers.

The thing that most distinguishes it from other types of honey is its slightly bitter taste. The reason is, the bitter taste is obtained from trees that cannot produce fruit that can be consumed by humans. So, here are the differences and advantages of black honey compared to ordinary honey that you need to know!

The difference between Black Honey and Ordinary Honey

Here are some differences between black honey and ordinary honey:

  • Color. Black honey has a dark yellow or dark brown color. Regular honey is generally clear or yellowish in color.
  • Nutritional value. Studies have shown that dark honey contains less water and more nutrients than light colored honey. Flower nectar Illinois buckwheat to make this type of honey contains very high nutrients, almost 20 times the amount greater than ordinary honey.
  • Flavor. This honey has a more concentrated and “spicy” taste than regular honey which tends to have a milder taste.

The advantage

In addition to its dark and bitter color, the difference with ordinary honey is its properties. The bitter taste of this type of honey comes from the high content of alkaloids. Well, this substance functions as an anti-infection.

Here are the various ingredients in black honey when compared to other types of honey:

  • Saponins. This substance helps boost immunity, maintain blood sugar stability and reduce body fat.
  • Flavonoids. This type of antioxidant is useful for reducing fat, improving blood circulation and lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Chromium. The chromium element in this type of honey helps the pancreas function in producing insulin so that blood sugar metabolism runs optimally.
  • Alkaloids. An effective anti-infective agent to cure inflammation and restore the function of body cells.
  • Hemoglobin. Serves to bind oxygen in the body, so that the body’s stamina and vitality are maintained.

Actually, there are many other ingredients in this honey that have extraordinary properties. Examples include iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins. The content also has better quality than ordinary honey.

Benefits of Black Honey for Health

Through the above ingredients, this type of honey offers a series of the following properties:

1. Prevents iron anemia

Iron plays a role in the formation of healthy red blood cells. If the amount is less, a person is prone to anemia or iron deficiency. Well, this type of honey is able to prevent this problem.

2. Safe for diabetics

This type of honey has low glucose levels and high alkaloids. So, this honey can be a safe choice for people with diabetes.

3. Reduces joint pain

This type of honey also contains a neutralizer that can neutralize purine substances that cause gout.

4. Treat ulcers

People with ulcers generally experience pain and nausea due to increased stomach acid. Consuming this type of honey regularly can quickly reduce and heal it, it can even make digestion smoother.

5. Strengthens bones

This type of honey contains abundant vitamin D so that it can strengthen bones.

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