Sweet Martabak Calories, A Snack That Fails Your Diet!

“Sweet Martabak does have a very delicious taste. However, eating just one slice, you’ve saved as much as 265 calories.”

Sweet Martabak Calories, A Snack That Fails Your Diet!

Halodoc, Jakarta – Who doesn’t like sweet martabak? This one snack does have a very good taste. Toppings-It is also very diverse, suitable for eating while spending time with friends and family. Accompanied by a cup of coffee or hot tea, the taste will be more perfect. Even so, it’s no secret that sweet martabak calories are fairly high.

This is because of the sugar content that makes this snack should not be consumed in excess. However, is that really the case? Approximately how many calories sweet martabak?

Sweet Martabak Calories That Make Diet Fail

Sweet martabak or Hok Lo Pan is a snack made by a Chinese descendant who came from Bangka Belitung. The meaning of Hok Lo Pan itself is hockey cake or fortune cake.

Originally, this sweet treat was just a combination of sesame and sugar. However, the times have made sweet martabak even more popular, so it is sold to various regions in Indonesia under various names. For example, martabak bangka for Medan, apam pinang for Pontianak, and moonlight for Makassar.

However, this one food is known for its sweet taste and high calories, so it should not be consumed in excess, especially at night. Mentioned in the book entitled Smart Eating – 1000 Steps to Eat Smart and Live Fitsweet martabak calories are 265 calories for each piece.

However, the official page Fatsecret Indonesia mentioning this one sweet food has calories of around 270 cal. In fact, the calorie needs of an average adult man are 2,500 calories per day and women are around 2,000 calories per day.

This means, consuming sweet martabak is sufficient for approximately ¼ of daily calorie needs. This is why, consuming these foods at night can make you gain weight, aka obesity. Moreover, you don’t do much physical activity at night.

Not only high in calories, sweet martabak is also very high in sugar and fat. One piece of sweet martabak contains 11.31 grams of fat and 20.22 grams of sugar. These ingredients can increase the risk of various cardiovascular health problems, especially heart health.

Tips for Safe Consumption of Martabak at Night

Even though the sweet martabak calories tend to be high, you can still eat this delicious food safely at night, really. Here’s how:

1. Choose the right toppings

toppings be one source of high calories in sweet martabak. To help reduce high calories, you can replace sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and cheese toppings with healthier toppings, such as fruits or nuts.

2. Watch the portions

Apart from that, you should limit the portion of sweet martabak consumption so that your body doesn’t get too many calories from this one snack. For example, one or two pieces are more than enough to enjoy the deliciousness of this food.

That was information about calories in Bandung cake snacks and how you can do it so that the calorie intake that enters your body is not excessive. Don’t forget to regularly check your health, including blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

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