Sudden Twitching Eyes, These are the Causes

“Not a few people think twitching eyes are due to myths, for example getting good news and good luck. However, it turns out that this condition can also occur due to certain health problems, ranging from dry eyes to conjunctivitis.”

Sudden Twitching Eyes, These are the Causes

Halodoc, Jakarta – It is common for eye twitches to occur spontaneously, usually lasting around 1 to 2 minutes. Twitches are also more common on one side of the eye, but can also appear in both eyes.

Twitching in the eyes can indeed subside by itself without the need for medical treatment. However, some people experience this condition repeatedly and even interfere with activities, so they need to get treatment.

What Really Causes Twitching Eyes?

Has a medical term blepharospasm, eye twitching can show different symptoms for each person who experiences it. Based on the severity of the cause, eye twitching is divided into three types:

1. Minor twitch

Small or minor twitching of the eyelids often occurs in people who often feel stressed, fatigued, consume excessive alcoholic beverages and caffeine, and have bad smoking habits.

This health problem can also occur due to irritation that attacks the cornea or the conjunctiva of the eye. Meanwhile, the term mentioned just now is the membrane that lines the eyelid area. This type of twitch is often harmless and painless.

2. Benign blepharospasm

Benign essential blepharospasm is a twitching of the eye that becomes uncontrollable or chronic. Generally, this type of twitch occurs in two eyes with an uncertain cause.

Even so, there are several conditions that can increase a person’s risk of experiencing this problem, namely:

  • Inflammation that occurs on the surface of the eyelids or conjunctivitis.
  • Dry eyes
  • Entry of the eyelid on the inside of the eye or entropion.
  • Inflammation of the eyelids that occurs due to bacterial infection or blepharitis.
  • The appearance of inflammation or inflammation of the middle layer of the eye or uveitis.

Consuming drinks with excessive alcohol and caffeine content can also increase the risk of these twitches appearing. Benign essential blepharospasm itself tends to appear more often in the elderly aged 50 to 70 years, and is more prone to affect women than men.

When a person experiences it, the first symptom that appears is eyelids that blink or twitch continuously. If you don’t get immediate treatment and the condition tends to get worse, this disorder can cause blurred vision, even twitching in the facial area.

3. Hemifacial spasmthe cause of eye twitching

Another type of twitch is hemifacial spasm or a convulsing face. This is a very rare twitch, and involves the eyelids and the muscles in the area around the mouth.

Unlike the other two forms of twitching, hemifacial spasm tend to only occur on one side of the face. The cause of this eye disease is often blood vessels pressing on the nerves in the face.

Other medical causes

Some eye twitching conditions can also appear due to problems with the brain and nervous system. Meanwhile, health problems that can cause eye twitching, include:

  • Bell’s palsy, paralysis that occurs in the facial muscles so that the face looks asymmetrical.
  • Dystonia, a movement condition that causes muscles to twitch uncontrollably, twisting the area of ​​the body that is experiencing it.
  • Parkinson’s disease, a health problem that causes trembling limbs, speech difficulties, balance problems and muscle stiffness.
  • Multiple sclerosis, a disorder that occurs in the spine, nerves in the brain, and eyes.
  • Tourette’s syndrome which appears with symptoms in the form of spontaneous and repetitive movements or sounds.

Not only that, twitches can also appear due to side effects of taking certain drugs. This is especially the type of drug that functions to treat epilepsy and psychosis.

So, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor right away Halodoc if you experience unusual twitches. Check and downloads Halodoc right on your phone, free from Play Store or App Store.

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