Simple Ways to Relieve Unbearable Menstrual Pain

“During menstruation, pain can occur in the stomach due to contractions in the muscles in the uterus due to changes in hormone levels. In certain people, menstrual pain can be felt in high intensity and must be given some natural treatment.”

Simple Ways to Relieve Unbearable Menstrual Pain

Halodoc, Jakarta – Menstruation for some people can bring pain. Menstrual pain can occur due to contractions in the muscles in the uterus due to changes in hormone levels in the body. For certain people, menstrual pain only occurs for a moment and is on a mild scale. Unfortunately, not all feel this way.

Some women can experience menstrual pain that is internal and unbearable so that it interferes with daily activities. If you are one of them, don’t worry. There are several simple ways for those of you who often experience prolonged pain during menstruation below!

Easy Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain

For women who experience pain or cramps during menstruation, there are several easy and simple ways to reduce their intensity, namely:

1. Warm compresses

Warmth can encourage blood circulation more smoothly. Compressing the abdomen with warm water can also relax the uterine muscles.

To do this, you only need to prepare a basin filled with warm water and a small towel. If you want a more practical method, now there is also an electric warm compress that you can use repeatedly.

2. Light exercise

Even though you don’t want to make any movements when you feel menstrual pain, doing light exercise is effective for reducing stomach pain. Exercise is a natural pain reliever because it stimulates endorphins that can inhibit pain.

The exercise you do doesn’t need to be long and intense. You can walk, cycle, or do aerobic exercise with low to moderate intensity. Doing light exercise regularly can also reduce the possibility of pain during menstruation.

3. Do yoga

In addition to sweaty sports, yoga can also work as a pain reliever. Yoga has a physical component that can stretch the muscles of the body.

Moreover, yoga also has relaxation components such as breathing techniques and meditation. This relaxation can reduce stress which is good for reducing pain. You can find out about Yoga Movements You Can Do at Home.

4. Massaging the lower abdomen

Putting a little pressure on the stomach can reduce abdominal pain during menstruation. Massaging the abdomen in a circular motion has proven effective enough to relax the abdominal and uterine muscles. In addition, massage also has the potential to reduce stomach cramps.

In addition, you can also massage your stomach with help essential oils or essential oil. Essential oils can add to the relaxing aspect of the fragrance. Some types of essential oils that you can use are lavender, rose, cinnamon, sage leaves, and cloves.

5. Consume nutritious food and drinks

You also need to maintain your diet during menstruation. Certain types of food have an anti-inflammatory function that can reduce menstrual pain. Examples are berries, avocados, fatty fish, and some types of teas such as chamomile or ginger.

In addition, you also need to consume vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. Foods that contain B1 and magnesium can reduce pain, inflammation, and also improve blood circulation.

Examples of foods that contain this vitamin are:

  • Wheat.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Cauliflower.
  • Spinach.
  • Tomato.

6. Do not consume caffeine

Caffeine can cause constriction of blood vessels. During menstruation, caffeine can limit space in the uterus and make pain worse. Therefore, you should not consume coffee during menstruation.

If you want to keep consuming it, it is better if you drink decaf coffee. You can also maintain a high-protein diet or light exercise to substitute for energy that comes from coffee.

Those are six simple ways you can do to relieve pain during menstruation. If you have questions or complaints about menstruation, don’t hesitate to consult further by contacting a doctor through the application Halodoc. Now, you can consult practically anytime and from anywhere.

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