Rarely Known, These are 3 Causes of Foreign Accent Syndrome

“Usually, foreign accent syndrome occurs due to brain injury. However, what is rarely known is that this syndrome can also be caused by dental surgery, psychological trauma, and multiple sclerosis.”

Rarely Known, These are 3 Causes of Foreign Accent Syndrome

HalodocJakarta – Foreign accent syndrome is a condition when a person suddenly uses a different language accent that is not his native language, or the language he uses every day.

These changes occur naturally, not artificially. In fact, people who have this syndrome themselves do not realize and know why they can suddenly change their accent.

Generally, cause foreign accent syndrome occurs due to neurological, psychological conditions, as well as other conditions such as jaw surgery. Find out here the cause foreign accent syndrome little known!

Rarely Known Causes of Foreign Accent Syndrome

Although a rare syndrome, foreign accent syndrome is a common condition known medically to exist since 1907. So far the cause of this syndrome is distinguished by its type. Foreign accent syndrome divided into three, namely neurogenic, psychogenic, and combination.

for neurogenic, foreign accent syndrome caused by muscle injury or nervous disorders, while psychogenic due to psychological problems, and combinations are a combination of neurological and psychological problems.

Well, besides what is generally known, there are other causes foreign accent syndrome which not many know. What are they?

1. Can occur due to multiple sclerosis

Although not always accompanied multiple sclerosisbut as stated in the scientific journal entitled Foreign accent syndrome as a first sign of multiple sclerosiswhich was published in Sage Publicationssometimes patients with multiple sclerosis show symptoms of the syndrome. Foreign accent syndrome can occur in sufferers multiple sclerosis as a manifestation of a cortical language disorder.

2. Dental surgery

Even though it sounds absurd, dental surgery can actually be the cause foreign accent syndrome. For example, dental implants can trigger the appearance of the syndrome foreign accents. Even though it’s not solely due to dental surgery, there are certainly many supporting factors (combinations) that make people undergoing dental surgery suddenly experience a change in accent when speaking.

3. Psychological trauma

Psychological trauma can trigger a person to experience foreign accent syndrome. This occurs when a person experiences pain due to a very intense psychological condition, so that he forms coping system by changing the accent of the voice.

People with conditions post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are also at risk of experiencing foreign accent syndrome, as a form of self-defense. Sometimes people with PTSD unconsciously change their self-identity through changes in voice accent, to forget the bad experience.

How to Handling Foreign Accent Syndrome due to Trauma

The effects of trauma can persist even after the traumatic event has long passed. This trauma can manifest in a variety of ways, of which one form is foreign accent syndrome.

How to handle foreign accent syndrome?

1. Keep a journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings without being censored can help you express yourself. Journaling is a method for finding clarity and letting out negative emotions inside.

Keeping a journal can also be an effort to process thoughts so that it helps clear your mind and learn to express yourself again. Journaling is a method of laying down physical stress.

2. Creative expression

Any form of creative expression is a great way to find a voice after trauma. This includes dancing, drawing, painting, playing the guitar, photography and even making videos reels on Instagram.

Sometimes, different art forms allow us to say things that words cannot express. Many people who struggle with depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions benefit from creative expression.

3. Therapy

If the two things above don’t help, consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist is the best step to recover from trauma. A therapist will help implement strategies for processing the traumatic experience, so that the person can come to terms with the wound.

That’s information about the cause foreign accent syndrome which is rarely known. You can get more about this syndrome by downloads application Halodoc!

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