Need to Know, These are 5 Benefits of Celebrating Chinese New Year for Mental Health

Halodoc, Jakarta – This year, Chinese New Year falls on January 22. As with other cultural celebrations, all family members get together on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Chinese New Year is closely related to the tradition of red packets, having dinner together, and praying for each other so that happiness and good luck can occur in 2023. Not only happiness, celebrating Chinese New Year can actually improve mental health. Come on, read the explanation here!

Gathering Together at the Chinese New Year Celebration Can Generate a Positive Mood

The procession of enjoying celebrations including New Years, birthdays and other celebrations can provide benefits including coping strategies. Through celebration, a person can become more relaxed, forget about fatigue, including reducing stress.

In psychology, the process of enjoying, noticing, or appreciating a moment can broaden people’s thoughts and behavior, promote creativity, increase social connection, and resilience.

Chinese New Year as a form of celebration, also provides the same benefits. Here is an explanation of why celebrating Chinese New Year can increase happiness.

1. Eating together can whet your appetite

In every celebration, eating together is something that is eagerly awaited. During the Chinese New Year, many healthy foods are presented with their respective symbolic meanings. Starting from fish to give abundance, oranges for good luck and wealth, or noodles to pray for longevity.

According to a scientific journal entitled Health, Happiness and Eating Together: What Can a Large Thai Cohort Study Tell Us? published in The Canadian Center of Science and Educationit was stated that not only does the procession include nutrition or biological needs, but is part of social interaction.

When we eat together with people we care about or know, the procession of eating becomes much more enjoyable. One of them is shown by eating more heartily.

2. Building bonds

Family gatherings during Chinese New Year celebrations allow family members to be reunited. During Chinese New Year, generally people will go home to their parents or older siblings. At this moment, family members can finally meet and greet each other.updates each other’s life. Indirectly this can build bonding that was lost due to daily routine.

3. Share red packets

This is one of the typical traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations. Angpao or pocket money will usually be given by married couples, or parents to children, and other young people who are not married. If you look closely, distributing money is not just a tradition.

This will also provide benefits for children in financial terms. Giving children some money trains them to recognize the benefits of saving, to practice careful spending, and money management. They also learn to appreciate the value of money and hard work more.

4. Reduce stress

Every human being is definitely not free from stress, as a result of work, lecture assignments, and much more. Gathering with family through Chinese New Year celebrations can reduce stress levels. Sharing stories, crying and laughing together can reduce the burden of life.

Basically, humans are social creatures, so they cannot live their lives alone. Humans need social support, and one way to get it is by gathering with family through Chinese New Year celebrations.

5. Learn to be grateful and enjoy life

Gathering with family through Chinese New Year celebrations can also make us more grateful. Of course, each family has its own problems. Through the meeting at the Chinese New Year celebration, we will know what kind of polemic each distant family is facing. Of course, this information can build empathy and teach us to be more grateful.

Chinese New Year Celebration Can Also Make Mental Pressure?

Actually, it’s not just Chinese New Year, but large family gatherings in general can also cause mental stress. Why is that? It happens when there are relatives who often ask sensitive questions. For example, when to get married, when to add children, why don’t you have children yet, then demands to get a better life.

Perhaps, the intention of relatives who ask this is so that we can get a better life. However, keep in mind, that the standards of happiness and achievement for people can be different and cannot be generalized.

Then what makes another mental pressure is when we see another sibling whose life is getting better. For example, already have a house or other things. Of course, when you compare these conditions, jealousy can arise and you want a better life too.

Well, we should leave such attitudes. Also, if you are going to get sensitive questions from relatives, try to be more understanding. You can also cut it by answering directly, if you don’t like being asked questions like that.

In a way, this will help you enjoy family gatherings more at Chinese New Year celebrations. Certainly, such a positive attitude is more likely to promote good mental health. Happy Chinese New Year!

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