Need to be avoided, these are 5 foods that cause colon cancer

“Colon cancer is a type of cancer that is very strongly related to diet. The reason is, there are some foods that can cause inflammation in the intestine, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

Need to be avoided, these are 5 foods that cause colon cancer

Halodoc, Jakarta – Colon cancer is a type of cancer that is closely related to diet. This cancer is also the most common cancer in both men and women. Someone who often eats foods that cause colon cancer will increase the risk of developing this disease.

Colon cancer is a carcinogenic disorder that affects the intestines. Cancer begins as a small noncancerous clump of cells called a polyp, and develops into a malignant tumor. Patients must immediately take intensive care so as not to experience dangerous complications. Patients also have to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle by avoiding foods that cause colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Causing Foods

Certain foods can increase the risk of colon cancer. These foods are usually what can cause inflammation in the body. People who frequently eat foods that cause inflammation will have a 44 percent higher chance of developing colon cancer than those who don’t.

In fact, if other factors that cause colon cancer such as weight and physical activity are controlled, the risk of colon cancer remains high. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is a powerful tool given the significant influence food choices have on the development of colon cancer.

Here are some foods that cause colon cancer that you should avoid:

1. Red meat

Beef may tantalize the taste buds, but it can be bad for the gut. A continuous diet of red meat, such as beef, pork and lamb, can make a person more likely to get colon cancer.

This is because there are cancer-causing substances in meat that can form when cooking it at high temperatures. It’s best to eat at least 500 grams of red meat every week.

2. Processed Meat

In addition to red meat, processed meats such as sausages, corned beef, ham, bacon and pepperoni can cause colon cancer. Processed meat is animal protein that has gone through a preservation process such as smoking, salting, and adding other chemicals.

Those who eat processed meat have a greater chance of developing stomach and intestinal cancer than those who rarely eat it. For an anticancer diet, doctors also recommend not eating processed meat.

3. High Sugar Foods

Chronic inflammation can result from consuming too much sugar in food and drink. This inflammation is actually the main cause of colon cancer.

Sugar can also make a person gain weight. Obesity and overweight are risk factors for cancer. Despite the fact that sugar may be bad for health, the body still needs sugar in moderation as a source of energy.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Colon cancer risk can increase by 20 percent if you consume two to three glasses of alcohol every day. In addition, alcohol abuse can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of developing other cancers, such as breast cancer.

The researchers also advised men to limit alcohol consumption to two drinks per day and women to one drink per day.

5. Processed Seeds

Colon cancer risk can also increase if you often eat processed seeds. Some processed products from grains such as white bread, cereals, pasta, noodles, dishes made from wheat flour, white rice, and others.

Consuming too many refined grains can also cause insulin resistance and spikes in blood sugar. To prevent colon cancer, replace the habit of consuming processed seeds with whole high-fiber foods, such as whole wheat bread and brown rice.

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