Mothers, Recognize the Factors Causing Children to Experience Malnutrition

Halodoc, Jakarta – Malnutrition in children is a condition when the intake and utilization of nutrients in the body is not balanced. Growth stunting is caused by inadequate intake of energy and nutrients. While overweight or obesity occurs due to excessive intake.

Poor eating habits, malabsorption of nutrients, and genetic predisposition are common causes of malnutrition in children. This condition also has an impact on the growth, development and health of children in general. However, this can be avoided by identifying the cause.

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Factors Causing Malnutrition in Children

A child can be at risk of experiencing malnutrition due to the following factors:

  1. Poverty

Low economic levels and lack of access to sufficient and healthy food are the most common causes of malnutrition worldwide.

  1. Bad Eating Habits

Children with poor or erratic eating habits are at risk of experiencing malnutrition. For example, being picky about food risks malnutrition in the long term. On the other hand, if they overeat, they are at risk of experiencing excess nutrition.

In either case, the solution is to eat a balanced diet and maintain regular physical activity.

  1. Digestive problems

Digestive health conditions can affect the digestion and absorption of food, putting children at risk of malnutrition. Examples include Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis, and ulcerative colitis.

Likewise, some other conditions, such as dysphagia, make it difficult to chew and swallow food. This can also lead to malnutrition over time.

  1. Mental Conditions

Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that can suppress appetite or lead to overeating. Eating disorders that affect a person’s diet can lead to malnutrition.

For example, anorexia nervosa can limit a child’s food intake, causing severe malnutrition over time. On the other hand, binge eating disorder can lead to uncontrolled eating resulting in excess nutrition.

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  1. Chronic Disease

Chronic illnesses in children can cause loss of appetite, which can lead to malnutrition. Some examples are tuberculosis, cancer, and liver and kidney disease.

  1. Poor Hygiene

According to a paper released by UNICEF, poor hygiene practices lead to the development of infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea. Repeated infections expose children to risks of macro- and micronutrient deficiencies, leading to malnutrition.

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Cleanliness is one of the factors that can increase the risk of malnutrition in children. This is because poor hygiene can cause diarrhea and infection, which can interfere with digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Therefore, it is very important to teach good hygiene practices to children as early as possible. Such as washing hands before eating and after going to the toilet, as well as bathing and cleaning the body, especially after playing outside.

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