Mother, Here Are 7 Effective Ways to Prevent Nicotine Addiction in Children

“Nicotine addiction is a condition when a person is addicted to the substance. The way to prevent it is to avoid triggers and chew gum.”

Mothers, Here Are 7 Effective Ways to Prevent Nicotine Addiction in Children

Halodoc, Jakarta – Nicotine is one of the substances contained in cigarettes. Addiction to these substances makes a person addicted and difficult to stop smoking.

Nicotine is a substance contained in the tobacco plant. These substances cause happy effects that are temporary. When they stop using it, they will feel anxious and irritable.

This condition is a symptom of nicotine addiction. To prevent this, try to avoid triggers, delay the desire to smoke, chew gum, do physical activity and relaxation techniques.

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Tips to Prevent Nicotine Addiction

1. Avoid the Triggers

There are several triggers that can increase the desire to smoke, namely gathering with smoker friends, consuming alcohol and coffee, and visiting places such as bars or club.

2. Manage Stress

The desire to smoke becomes very high when someone is in a stressful situation. Because, inhaling cigarette smoke that contains nicotine can give a relaxing effect more quickly.

To help relieve stress, you should change your smoking habits slowly. Divert it by doing activities you like, such as reading books, listening to music or hang out in place drinking coffee favorite.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum or candy mint can help you relieve the ‘sour’ taste in your mouth that usually occurs when you quit smoking. This activity can also make the mouth more busy so that the desire to smoke can be temporarily distracted.

4. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy aims to overcome frustration and relieve withdrawal symptoms that smokers feel when they stop smoking. The media for cigarette replacement therapy, namely chewing gum, lozenges, inhalers up to the nasal spray.

5. Exercising Routine

Exercise can make the body healthier and fitter. However, the benefits go beyond that. Because, this activity can also reduce the symptoms of nicotine addiction. When the desire to smoke comes, you should divert this desire by doing light exercise, such as walking, swimming or cycling.

6. Do relaxation techniques

Smoking may be a way to deal with stress. However, fighting the urge to smoke alone can lead to stress. To get rid of these feelings, do some relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga or meditation.

7. Diligent House Cleaning

A clean house can also be a supporting factor in preventing nicotine addiction. Wash curtains or carpets that contain the smell of cigarette smoke. Also use air freshener for a more refreshing scent.

If some of the steps above don’t work, please ask a psychiatrist through the application Halodoc to do counseling. At this stage, the doctor can assess the patient’s addiction history and health condition.

Then, the doctor will provide appropriate advice and assistance so that the patient is even more motivated to quit smoking. If necessary, the doctor will refer the patient for group counseling.

This counseling aims to motivate the patient to change his bad habits. Not only that, patients will also be assisted in overcoming mental problems that arise as a result of quitting smoking.

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