Know the Types and Functions of Knee Protectors for Sports

“There are many types of knee protectors and they have functions according to needs. For example, there are functional braces whose function is to protect the knees of people who have experienced previous injuries.”

Know the Types and Functions of Knee Protectors for Sports

Halodoc, Jakarta – For those of you who have experienced a knee injury, you must be familiar with this one thing. However, for those of you who are still new to it, this information could be interesting to examine. Knee protectors are not only used for injuries, but as protectors to prevent sports accidents.

People who frequently engage in physical contact sports, who also rely on kicks or repetitive motions in their physical activities, need to wear knee protectors to prevent injury. Come on, see more here the types and functions of knee protectors during sports!

Knee Protector Type

Apparently, knee protectors are not just one type, but there are several types, according to their needs. What are the types?

1. Functional braces

Knee protector type functional braces serves to provide support for knees that have been injured in the past. Usually, this type of knee protector is often worn by athletes who have had injuries in the past. Even after recovery, to stabilize knee motion and avoid additional injury, functional braces used.

2. Rehabilitative braces

This type of knee brace is usually put on a few weeks after the injury or surgery. Its function is to keep the knee stable, but it allows the injured person to continue to move – even if it is limited.

3. Unloader braces

Unloader braces designed to relieve pain in people with arthritis in the knee. This type of knee protector can help move the load from the affected knee area to a stronger area.

4. Prophylactic braces

Knee protector prophylactic braces designed to protect the knee from injury during contact sports such as football. This type of knee protector is quite popular among athletes, not only football players but also athletes mixed martial arts (MMA), or muaythai.

5. Knee sleeves

Knee sleeves arguably the most common knee protector. Knee sleeves designed to provide compression around the knee joint. This compression can help support the knee, and can control pain and swelling.

Knee Protector Function

Actually, from the explanation regarding the types of knee protectors, we can already know what their functions are. However, to make it even more clear, it is better to describe it as follows:

1. Protection

The most common function is of course protecting the knee joint. A good knee protector is a protector that can help minimize impact on the knee, prevent fractures of the patella (shell), as well as protect against penetration of sharp objects.

Some knee pads are also designed to minimize shock, which with repeated exposure can seriously damage the knee.

2. Save costs

Prevention is better than cure. So is the use of this knee protector. Knee pads can help you save on medical expenses if a knee injury occurs.

3. Be confident when moving or exercising

Using knee protectors can make you more able to move freely, without having to be afraid of getting injured. Or, if you have been injured before.

Such are the types and functions of muscle protectors for sports. Having a problem with a specific muscle disorder or injury while exercising? Now you can make an appointment at the hospital through the application Halodoc. come on, downloads the application right now!

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