Know 5 Facts and Symptoms of Someone Experiencing Trypanophobia

“Trypanophobia is an intense fear of needles. In fact, sufferers will experience dizziness, palpitations and insomnia when they see or hear stories about needles.”

Know 5 Facts and Symptoms of Someone Experiencing Trypanophobia

Halodoc, Jakarta – Trypanophobia is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving needles. This disorder is generally experienced by children and can decrease with age.

in fact, trypanophobia It can be triggered by a history or traumatic experience with needles. People with it can also have disorders due to family history and mental problems such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

One of the steps to overcome this is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This procedure can help with symptoms such as anxiety and panic. You do this by changing the mindset of sufferers about insects.

5 Facts About Trypanophobia

1. Caused by Deep Trauma

One of the triggers, namely negative life experiences or trauma caused by needles. In addition, trauma from certain situations, such as accidents can increase the risk of trypanophobia.

Other conditions that increase the risk of interference include:

  • Having parents or relatives with the same phobia.
  • Occurs due to changes in brain chemistry.
  • Stemming from a childhood phobia that surfaced at the age of 10.

As for the aspects of the needle that can increase the risk of interference, namely:

  • Fainting or experiencing severe dizziness from a reflex vasovagal reaction to needle sticks.
  • Experiencing excessive anxiety when remembering being pricked by a needle.
  • Fears related to illness or medical conditions (hypochondria).
  • Sensitivity to pain. It causes anxiety, blood pressure, or increased heart rate during medical procedures involving needles.

2. The Symptoms Appear at the View of the Needle

sufferer trypanophobia have intense anxiety at the sight or thought of procedures involving needles. Sometimes, this anxiety leads to panic attacks.

The other symptoms are:

  • Dizziness or fainting (syncope).
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Insomnia or sleep disorders.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Temporary increase in blood pressure.

3. Diagnosis Depends on How Old the Disease

One of the steps to diagnose the disease is to find out how long the person has experienced trypanophobia. Not only that, the medical team will also ask questions to assess the severity of symptoms.

Other questions asked by the medical team, namely:

  • What symptoms do you experience when you see a needle?
  • How long do these symptoms last.
  • Does the fear of needles interfere with your ability to get medical care?

4. Incurable Diseases

Although sufferers can manage their symptoms well, trypanophobia is a disease that cannot be completely eliminated. The mark may appear at any time when looking at the needle.

However, the following steps can be taken to prevent symptoms from appearing:

  • Do not look at the needle stuck in the skin during treatment.
  • Invite a partner, friend or family member if you want to do a medical procedure.
  • Divert attention by wiggling your toes, looking at patterns on the wall, or chatting with your partner.
  • Lie down before carrying out the procedure. This method is done to prevent fainting or severe dizziness.
  • Practice deep breathing techniques, such as counting to four on each inhale, then exhaling.
  • Relax the muscles at the injection site to reduce the intensity of the pain.

5. In Severe Cases Can Trigger Death

Trypanophobia Left untreated, it can have severe consequences. This is because the fear that arises can cause sufferers to delay or abandon needed medical care.

If sufferers have chronic health conditions that require periodic medical care, they are at risk for complications. In a medical emergency, sufferers have the potential to experience death.

If the disturbance is very disturbing, please discuss the symptoms that appear with a psychologist or psychiatrist Halodoc. Also get other information about mental health and other healthy lifestyles with mendownloads Halodoc right now.

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