Know 4 Ways to Diagnose Malnutrition Conditions in Children

“Malnutrition in children can trigger various diseases in the future. Make sure you know this condition by doing a weight check and blood check at the hospital.”

Know 4 Ways to Diagnose Malnutrition in ChildrenKnow 4 Ways to Diagnose Malnutrition in Children

Hellodoc, Jakarta – Hearing the word malnutrition, many think that this condition is always related to malnutrition. In fact, malnutrition can also occur when children are overweight. Both of these conditions can certainly cause various health problems in children if not treated immediately.

Not only doing a physical examination, there are several other ways that can be done to diagnose malnutrition in children. Come on, see the reviews on how to correctly identify malnutrition in children below!

How to Diagnose Malnutrition in Children

Malnutrition is an imbalance of nutrients in a person’s body. This condition can occur when the child has a deficiency or excess of nutrients. However, most malnutrition occurs due to a lack of vitamins, minerals, and other important substances that can support a healthy body.

This condition can be experienced by anyone, including children. Children can experience malnutrition when they don’t eat nutritious foods. Not only that, children who eat carelessly or inappropriately are also at risk of experiencing this condition.

Malnutrition in children can trigger a number of health conditions, such as:

  • The emergence of the disease in the short and long term.
  • Experienced a very slow healing process for the health problems he was experiencing.
  • High risk of infection in the body.
  • Obesity.
  • Heart disorders.
  • Diabetes.

Then, how to diagnose children who are malnourished? Here are ways that can be done to diagnose malnutrition in children:

  • Carry out an examination to determine the condition of the child’s weight and height.
  • Checking the condition of the child’s skin and hair.
  • Blood or laboratory tests are also needed to determine the amount of nutrients in the body.
  • Imaging tests also need to be done to evaluate the condition of the organs in the body. This examination is also carried out to ensure the health of the bones and muscles in the child’s body.

Treatment of Malnutrition in Children

Treatment for malnutrition will be tailored to the health conditions to the cause. However, there are some common treatments performed, such as:

  1. Undergoing Dietary Changes

Children with malnutrition conditions need to undergo dietary changes. Changes will be adjusted according to the conditions. If a child is malnourished due to a lack of nutrition, then the child needs to be given solid and energy-dense foods.

Meanwhile, if the child is overweight, of course, the child needs to get a balanced diet and limited calories. This change is made so that children get the ideal weight according to their age.

  1. Supplementation

Children with nutritional deficiencies will also be advised to take additional vitamin supplements. However, the dosage will be adjusted by the doctor. If the child’s condition has shown improvement, the doctor has the right to change the dose of the child’s supplement.

  1. Treatment for Triggering Disease

If the child is malnourished due to a health problem, of course the doctor will treat the disease that triggers this condition to the fullest. That way, the condition of malnutrition can be overcome slowly.

This condition can be prevented by giving children a variety of foods. Make sure your child regularly consumes vegetables and fruit so that the nutritional needs needed for growth and development are met properly.

If your child experiences sudden weight loss, get checked immediately to ensure the child’s health condition. You can make an appointment at the hospital of your choice using Hellodoc. The method download application Hellodoc via the App Store or Google Play.

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