Is it true that cold air on the mountain can cause Bell’s palsy?

Halodoc, Jakarta – There are many things you can do to maintain a healthy body, one of which is to keep your environment clean. Maintaining cleanliness keeps you away from many diseases and viruses that can threaten your health. One of them is a virus that causes you to experience Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy is a condition caused by a virus and can affect anyone at any age. Usually the condition of Bell’s palsy is temporary. Bell’s palsy is a condition of paralysis or weakness on one side of the facial muscles and does not affect the other functions of your body. Most cases of Bell’s palsy occur when the nerves that control facial muscles get irritated or compressed caused by a virus. Bell’s palsy can be caused by a virus herpes simplexviruses varicella zostersyphilis, and lyme. It turns out that cold air can also make a person experience Bell’s palsy.

Although cold air can cause a person to experience Bell’s palsy, cold air conditions caused by air conditioners or air are only factors that help spread the virus that causes Bell’s palsy. Thus, the main cause of Bell’s palsy is a virus that causes infection, swelling of the face or facial nerve paralysis.

Symptoms of Bell’s Palsy

Even though it is temporary, you need to be aware of this disease. When you experience Bell’s palsy, there are several initial symptoms that you will feel. A common early symptom of Bell’s palsy is facial skin that looks lower than normal. This condition can occur on one side of the face or even both parts of the face.

In addition, people with Bell’s palsy feel pain in the jaw or back of the ear. This is due to the tightening of the muscles in that part due to infection or pressure caused by a virus. It is also difficult for sufferers to control the saliva that comes out. People with Bell’s palsy experience difficulty expressing their faces and even closing their eyes as an early symptom of this disease. Worse, sufferers will experience total paralysis on some faces that are temporary.

Treatment of Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy increases the risk of eye disease, difficulty eating and speaking as well as decreased sense of taste. If you experience early symptoms of Bell’s palsy, immediately take medication to reduce Bell’s palsy. Treatment of Bell’s palsy can be done according to the symptoms it causes.

If the sufferer has difficulty blinking, use eye drops to maintain eye health. Bell’s palsy can recover but takes quite a long time, depending on the level of facial nerve damage suffered.

Prevention of Bell’s palsy is best done by maintaining the body’s immunity to avoid viruses that cause disease. You can maintain your diet and live a healthy lifestyle. You can ask your doctor to find out how to maintain a good immune system for your health. Use the app Halodoc to ask the doctor directly. come on, downloads application Halodoc now through the App Store or Google Play!”>Source link

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