How to treat a sore throat when swallowing, here are the facts

“The feeling of a sore throat when swallowing can cause discomfort and even interfere with productivity. Therefore, immediate treatment of this problem needs to be done, such as with home remedies, namely gargling with salt water.”

How to treat a sore throat when swallowing, here are the facts

Hellodoc, Jakarta – Painful feeling when swallowing is a common problem. There are many causes for this symptom, including infection or an allergic reaction.

Depending on the cause, pain when swallowing can be felt not only in the throat, but also in the jaw, chest, and other parts of the body. This distraction can make productivity decrease due to decreased concentration and feelings of discomfort.

If it is unbearable, there are several ways to treat sore throat when swallowing that can be applied. That way, this problem can be solved effectively and not protracted.

Various Ways to Treat Sore Throat when Swallowing

1. Medical Treatment

The most effective way to treat a sore throat when swallowing is to take antibiotics. This medicine can treat infections in the throat, tonsils, or esophagus.

If the pain is unbearable, the doctor may prescribe mouthwash to numb the throat. This is useful so as not to cause pain when the drug enters the throat.

2. Operation

If you experience frequent painful swallowing due to recurrent tonsillitis, or the disturbance doesn’t get better with medication, surgery to remove the tonsils may be necessary.

This operation is also known as a tonsillectomy. However, before the decision for surgery is agreed upon, the examination measures related to the benefits and risks that may occur can be determined in advance.

3. Home Remedies

Some home remedies can also be a way to treat a sore throat when swallowing, including:

  • Consume more fluids: In addition to hydrating, drinking 8 glasses of water per day can keep your throat calm and moist.
  • Gargle with a salt water mixture to help relieve swelling and pain when swallowing.
  • Consuming warm water or tea with a mixture of honey, is useful for discomfort in the throat.

4. Breathe Air from the Humidifier

Keeping the air around you moist is one way to treat a sore throat when you swallow. A humidifier can turn water into steam that fills the air, making it more humid and comfortable for the throat. Of course, disorders that occur in the throat can be handled properly.

5. Consume Throat Lozenges and Herbal Teas

Although not scientifically proven, lozenges and herbal teas are one of the most effective ways to treat sore throat.

You can find them easily at drugstores or supermarkets. When you have free time, make herbal teas to consume to get your throat healthy again.

Those are some effective ways to deal with a sore throat when swallowing. The use of home remedies can indeed be done if the problem is not too severe or rarely recurs.

However, if it is chronic or easy to recur, you should check with a doctor for further medical treatment.

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