How Many Teeth Are Adults? This is the explanation

“The number of teeth for adults and children is of course different. Generally, adults have 32 teeth, 16 each in the upper and lower jaws.”

How Many Teeth Are Adults?  This is the explanation

hellodoc, Jakarta – Teeth are a part of the body with many important functions to support your activities, such as biting, speaking, and chewing food. Tooth growth has actually occurred since I was still in the womb. However, the first tooth will emerge from the gums when the baby is around 6-12 months old.

The first teeth to appear in children are known as baby teeth. At least, your child will have 20 baby teeth by the age of three that grow gradually, 10 each in the upper and lower jaws. Furthermore, entering the age of 12-14 years, the majority of children already have permanent teeth called adult teeth.

How Many Teeth Are Adults?

Of course, the number of teeth in adults is not the same as the teeth in children. The normal number of teeth for adults is 32 teeth, including the back molars or wisdom teeth. The following is the division of adult teeth by type:

1. incisors

The incisors are in the front row whose function is to cut and bite food. There are 4 incisors in adults, with 2 teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

2. Canine tooth

Next, there are canines whose position is in the order of number 3 of the jaw arch. These teeth have a larger shape than the incisors with a pointed tip. Its function is to tear food. The number of canines in adults is 4, with 2 teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

3. Premolars

Next are the 8 premolars, with 4 teeth each in the upper and lower jaws. Place these teeth right next to the canines. Its function is to help grind and crush food.

4. Molars

Molars can be called the teeth that are most often used. This type of tooth is also referred to as the strongest tooth with the function of crushing and chewing food. Not only that, the molars also work with the tongue to help the process of swallowing food. There are 8 molars in adults, 4 each in the upper and lower jaws.

5. Wisdom teeth

Finally, there are 4 wisdom teeth, 2 each in the upper and lower jaws. These teeth appear longer than other types of teeth, usually when entering the age of 17-21 years.

However, not all adults have wisdom teeth, for example, these wisdom teeth do not grow properly or are called impaction. This condition requires treatment for tooth extraction or oral surgery to avoid infection.

Causes of the Number of Adults’ Teeth More or Less than Normal

As it turns out, the number of teeth in an adult can be more or less than normal, in this case 32. If the number is more than normal, this condition is referred to as hyperdontia. Meanwhile, the number of teeth in adults is less than normal is called hypodontia.

Hyperdontia the exact cause is not known. However, it is suspected that this condition occurs due to birth defects or there is a genetic history. Hyperdontia in some cases do not require treatment. However, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction, especially if there are other signs such as:

  • Unable to chew food well.
  • Feel sick and uncomfortable.
  • It is difficult to clean the teeth which can lead to other medical conditions.

Meanwhile, hypodontia occur due to congenital abnormalities or defects. Usually, the number of teeth that do not grow or is missing is less than 6. In addition, there is also a condition called oligodontia. This disorder occurs when 6 or more teeth cannot grow because they fail to develop.

Although this condition is common, treatment is still needed to close or repair the gaps that form between the teeth. Because, if treatment is not carried out, a number of other conditions are prone to occur, including:

  • Decreased self-confidence.
  • Tooth decay or even decay.
  • Having trouble chewing.
  • Difficulty pronouncing words or speaking.

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