Getting to know the sport of diving, its types, and preparation

“There are some equipment that must be prepared before diving. For example, frog legs, goggles and a swimsuit and breathing apparatus.”

Getting to know the sport of diving, its types, and preparation

HellodocJakarta – Sports diving is an underwater diving activity with or without the use of equipment. Apart from exercising, diving can also be done for research or recreation by looking at the underwater scenery.

Just being able to swim is not enough to be able to do this sport. You need practice to be able to dive in deeper water. After proficient diving, later you will get a certificate.

In addition to diving skills, you also need some special equipment, such as diving clothes, frog legs, swimming goggles to breathing apparatus. However, not all types diving require breathing apparatus such as oxygen cylinders.

freediving, for example, you only need to use frog legs, swimming goggles and only wear a swimsuit. However, the type diving this one is generally done in fairly shallow waters and accompanied by an instructor to make it safer.

Types of Diving Olahraga

Besides freediving, the following types of sports: diving other:

1. Diving Skins

This diving activity is a combination of free diving and snorkeling. The depth level is only around two to three meters so it is suitable for beginners.

You only need to master swimming skills and basic diving techniques to do this activity. Skin diving generally just for recreation to see marine animals and coral reefs.

2. Open Water Diving

Type diving It is also intended for recreation. Divers are allowed to dive in open water, which is far from the shoreline to the middle of the sea. However, this activity still needs to be supervised by the instructor so that divers are not carried away by ocean currents.

3. Drift Diving

Type diving this one allows divers to follow the ocean currents that flow around it. As a result, divers arrive at the dive site faster without the need to spend a lot of energy because the body is allowed to be carried by the current.

Sensation drift diving very different from other types of diving. Because, you will feel like flying when your body goes with the flow. However, it is important to check current and wave conditions to ensure safety during the dive.

4. Night Diving

Diving activities are generally carried out in the afternoon or evening. Now, night diving is a unique activity because it is carried out specifically at night. Usually, the purpose of doing night diving to research the underwater atmosphere at night.

Because, the underwater scenery at night is very different from other times. Divers can also see the sea sea stars that only come out at night. The equipment needed is of course also different. Divers need a flashlight or underwater torch in order to see the underwater scenery more clearly.

5. Cave Diving

Cave diving is a diving activity under cave or cave. Diving in the cave area is not easy and requires special skills. Because, caves have a limited range of motion when compared to oceans and lakes.

6. Deep Diving

Deep diving is another more challenging diving activity. This activity is carried out at a depth of 18 meters to 30 meters below the water surface. Considering the risks, only professional divers are allowed to do this deep diving.

While doing deep diving, divers not only see marine animals and plants, but also shipwrecks to marine animals that only live at a certain depth.

7. Wreck Diving

Now, wreck diving is one of a kind deep diving. The difference is, this activity is devoted to exploring shipwrecks that have sunk on the seabed.

8. Ice Diving

Temporary ice diving is a diving activity in the sea or lake during winter. The technique used is certainly different from diving in general. Divers need to punch holes in the ice first with a saw.

After being perforated, the temperature under the water needs to be checked first. After that, the diver installed harness kits specifically for diving. Compared to all types diving, ice diving have the highest risk. Because, the surface of the water must be covered with ice water and divers must dive in very cold water.

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