Get to Know The Type of Diet That is Effective in Losing Weight

A type of diet can be an option for weight loss. However, not all diets provide a constant weight loss impact that is good for health. Some types of diets may be able to affect weight changes, but have an impact on declining health conditions due to drastic weight loss.

Various types of diets through their advertising techniques promise effective weight loss. As a result, their products quickly attract public attention and conversation. Even though in fact, the effectiveness of the products being sold requires certain terms and conditions from a consumer.

Popular Type of Diet

Call it mayo diet, high protein diet, and shake diet. These three diets have become a hot topic of discussion and are considered capable of providing faster weight loss than other dieting techniques. However, did you know about the impact of losing weight too quickly as offered by these three diets?

The mayo diet is actually a weight loss diet that is focused on changing your lifestyle to be healthier. But unfortunately, there is a wrong understanding and application of the mayo diet. This misconception about diet mayo is closely related to the grapefruit diet or fake mayo diet. In particular, the mayo diet recommends a person to consume low carbohydrates but high in fat by inserting grapefruit as one of the main menus in it.

The grapefruit diet that relies on fat-burning enzymes promises weight loss of up to 5 kg in 12 days. Low-calorie consumption that prioritizes high-nutrition fruits such as grapefruit is indeed a good choice for weight loss. But unfortunately, drastic weight loss due to the fake mayo diet is not recommended because it not only loses fat, but the body can lose fluid and muscle mass. Plus, the ability of fat-burning enzymes that are still not supported by clinical research makes this diet fall into the category of not recommended. type of diet

  • type of diet : High protein diet

In accordance with the name of this program, dieters are encouraged to eat foods that are high in protein content but at the same time limit the consumption of carbohydrates from grains, fruits, vegetables, and cereals. The idea to be conveyed is to minimize carbohydrate intake so that the weight loss process occurs faster. This minimal intake of carbohydrates makes the body burn more fat as the body’s natural reaction to produce energy.

A high-protein diet alone is generally harmless in the short term. type of diet. However, this does not mean that this diet is completely risk free. Some of the health problems that can be caused are:

  1. Too limiting the intake of carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables can make the body lack nutrients and fiber. If this happens, health problems can arise, bad breath, headaches, and constipation.
  2. Consumption of foods that are high in protein, such as red meat and dairy products, can cause high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.
  3. A high-protein diet is at risk of making urine contain calcium. Some experts also believe this condition can cause osteoporosis and kidney stones. However, experts are still researching these two effects on the body.

It is advisable to consult with your doctor first before going on this diet. Your doctor can also help you create a diet plan that still contains the nutrients your body needs. Especially for people with kidney disease, a diet high in protein should be avoided because it can interfere with kidney function.

  • Shake Diet

Alternatively, try a low-calorie shake diet as part of your diet plan. A study conducted in 2010 showed that shake dietcontaining essential macronutrients for the body succeeded in losing weight in 93 percent of participants who were obese. Not only that, a shake diet can also change body composition, including improvements in the components of inflammation and oxidative stress, which are key factors that trigger chronic disease.

Shake diet are also reliable when you don’t have much time to shop and prepare healthy meals. An expert states that a shake diet can be an alternative choice when you often skip breakfast which is important for long-term weight control.

In addition to the 3 types of diets above, there are still many diet methods that are claimed to be effective for weight loss, such as the GM diet, Dukan diet, sirtfood diet, and the Atkins diet.

Then What Kind of Healthy Diet is Recommended?

The quick results in weight loss that some diets offer tend to be untenable in the long term. In fact, if it is not balanced with a healthy lifestyle and is lived constantly, this weight loss will only be temporary. For this reason, it is recommended to lose weight gradually. Weight loss of about 0.5 kg to 1 kg a week is considered a safe level. The reason is, gradual weight loss will also make it easier for you to control it.

Start by eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts as a replacement menu for calorie meals. This food group can suppress hunger thanks to the fiber content in it. There are times when you don’t have enough time to prepare healthy meals. In times like this, you can choose a healthy meal replacement menu. Choose one that has the necessary balanced nutrition, is able to eliminate hunger and does not interfere with your diet efforts.

Don’t forget, also check whether the healthy meal replacement menu you choose has passed the official institute test in terms of safety. Even so, reducing calorie intake alone is not enough. You also have to get used to moving more so that weight loss can be maximized. For example, instead of using the elevator, it is healthier to walk up the stairs.

Do not forget to juxtapose your diet with regular exercise, at least 30 minutes every day. After reading this article, now the choice is yours. Is losing weight in an unhealthy way your choice?

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