Get to know athletics and the most frequently contested branches

“Athletics is a mixture of sports that involves running, walking, jumping and throwing. There are different types of sports in every athletic event.”

Get to know athletics and the most frequently contested branches

Hellodoc, Jakarta – Athletics is one of the oldest sports in the world. This sport is a mix of sports involving running, walking, jumping and throwing. Athletics is fully regulated and managed by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

There are several different types of sports within each athletic event. Running numbers can range from sprints to marathons, jump numbers can be high jumps and long jumps, throwing numbers can include javelin and bullet throws, and road numbers can consist of brisk walks. This sport not only provides entertainment but can also help the body stay healthy.

Most Competed Athletics

Because it is a combination of various types of sports that can be broadly grouped into walking, running, throwing, and jumping, athletics is the mother of all sports included in the four branches. If calculated as a whole, there are hundreds of athletic sports that are often competed in every sporting event.

However, there are some popular athletic sports, namely:

1. Brisk

The only athletic sport included in the street number is brisk walking. Brisk walking differs from regular walking in that it has specific rules that athletes must follow. People who participate in this sport will at first seem like running.

One or both feet should touch the ground when doing brisk walking. Brisk walking is also different from running, because when running, there is a moment when the athlete’s body will be in the air and the feet will not touch the ground.

2. Short Distance Running

It is also known as sprint and is a type of running in a certain distance and in a specified time. In competition, the sprinter will take a crouched position in the starting block and start advancing before running to reach the finish line. Short distance running is usually competed with the division of distances of 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters, including variations such as relay.

3. Middle Distance Running

Middle-distance running is an athletic running sport that is formally competed in a number of sports competitions. Since increasing the distance will change the running and breathing technique, the middle distance running method will be different from the short distance running method. The two most common distances for middle-distance running competitions are 800 meters and 1,500 meters.

4. Long Distance Running

Another name for long-distance running is the marathon. Long-distance runners usually run at a much slower but consistent pace to reach the finish line. However, the winner is still selected based on the lowest travel time. Long-distance races are included in formal competitions with distances ranging from 3-42 kilometers (ultramarathon).

5. Hurdles

It is a sport that involves running and jumping at the same time. Several hurdles in the form of a goal will be placed at the same distance along the track. The size and distance of the goal will vary by age and gender. The most important thing in this game is the technique of running and jumping.

6. Long jump

It is also a sport that involves running and jumping. An athlete must run on a tarmac made of vulcanized rubber and then jump onto a mat filled with fine sand. The distance from the takeoff point to the landing point on the sand will be measured and the winner of this race is the one who is farther away.

7. High jump

The high jump is a sport in which participants have to jump over a horizontal bar that is kept at a certain height. Participants must cross the bar without any assistance to support themselves while jumping.

This sport involves perfect positioning. If the athlete can position his body correctly without touching the bar, half of the game is won.

8. Pole vault

It is a sport in which an athlete has to jump over a horizontal bar with the help of a flexible bar. Poles are generally made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. The jury will judge how high the athlete can jump and that is a factor in the victory of this sport.

9. Shot put

This athletic sport involves throwing a ball that has been determined by weight. Balls are made of a variety of materials, such as sand, iron, steel or some synthetic materials such as polyvinyl.

This sport can be done in two ways such as sliding where the shot must be thrown in a circle 180 degrees and the other type is spinning where the shot is thrown linearly.

10. Javelin

It is an athletic sport in which a javelin or spear must be thrown a certain distance. Generally the length of the spear for men is 2.6-2.7 meters and for women 2.2-2.3 meters. The width of the javelin grip is usually about 150 mm. The winner is determined by how far the javelin is thrown from the starting point.

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