Factors Triggering the Occurrence of Alien Hand Syndrome

“Alien hand syndrome can make sufferers do things they don’t want. This condition is prone to afflict someone who has degenerative problems and brain injuries.”

Factors Triggering the Occurrence of Alien Hand Syndrome

Halodoc, Jakarta – Alien hand syndrome is a rare neurological disorder. His trademark is one hand that moves by itself. Apart from the hands, this syndrome can also target the feet.

These movements occur spontaneously and are not under the control of the sufferer. While experiencing these symptoms, the sufferer feels as if his hands are not his own. Both adults and children can experience it.

Alien Hand Syndrome Trigger Factors

One of the main triggering factors for alien hand syndrome is brain injury. Some conditions that can trigger brain injury are strokes which are prone to afflict the elderly. Apart from brain injury, the following are other risk factors that can trigger this syndrome:

  • Aneurysm or bleeding in the brain.
  • Brain damage
  • Experiencing side effects from brain surgery
  • Parry-Romberg syndrome, a rare disease characterized by shrinkage of the tissue under the skin.
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a brain disorder that is degenerative or develops together.
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Various other neurodegenerative diseases

Recognize the Symptoms of Alien Hand Syndrome

Hands that move by themselves can touch the sufferer’s face, button clothes and even pick up an object. These symptoms can occur repeatedly and are compulsive or unconscious. Hands can also float on their own and perform actions against the wishes of the sufferer.

For example, closing a drawer that was recently opened by another hand or unbuttoning a shirt that was just buttoned. The sufferer also feels that his hand does not belong to him because he cannot control it.

Launch WebMD, Alien hand syndrome, which is quite extreme, has been reported to be capable of choking others. As a result of this harmful impact, sufferers can experience stress and frustration.

Can it be Treated?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can treat this condition. Until now, scientists are still trying to develop therapies and drugs to reduce the symptoms of alien hand syndrome.

Some of the medications used to treat this syndrome are in the form of muscle control therapy, such as botulinum toxin (Botox) and neuromuscular blocking agents. Giving sedatives can also relax the muscles that move by themselves. In some cases, this treatment has shown its effectiveness.

Visuospatial training techniques can also help change perceptions of unfamiliar limbs. Sometimes, sufferers also practice to hold hands that move by themselves by clamping them between their legs or sitting on them. Some helped, but the rest didn’t work at all.

People who have alien hand syndrome due to brain disorders and strokes generally recover after some time. However, the healing process will take longer for people with neurological diseases.

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