Can Junk Food Be a Weight Gain Food for Children?

“Children’s weight gain food must contain the essential and balanced nutrients their body needs. Giving junk food or ready-to-eat food to gain a child’s weight is definitely not recommended.”

Can Junk Food Be a Weight Gain Food for Children?

Halodoc, Jakarta – Which parents are not happy when their children experience optimal growth and development? Especially if the child’s weight is in accordance with his age and looks fat. In fact, fat is not necessarily healthy, and children with thin bodies also do not necessarily have optimal growth and development.

However, parents often feel worried about their child’s weight, especially if their little one’s body looks thinner than other children his age. As a solution, parents often provide a variety of food and drink intake to boost the baby’s weight, including providing fast food alias junk food and high-sugar drinks.

Then, may give junk food as a child’s weight gain food?

Junk Food as Food to Increase Children’s Weight

High fat and calorie content in ready-to-eat food alias junk food it can indeed make your Little One’s weight increase. However, the mother should not give this unhealthy food as a child’s weight gain food. Because, junk food actually a type of food that is not good for all ages.

Children who often eat fast food may look fatter. However, body fat leads to unhealthy conditions. The reason is, ready-to-eat food contains saturated fat, salt, and sugar that is so high. Too much intake actually makes children vulnerable to many health problems, such as obesity.

Provide Food with Balanced Nutrition

A child’s body needs two other types of fat besides saturated fat, namely mono and polyunsaturated fats. Likewise, the level of saturated fat in the blood should not be too high because it can trigger cholesterol and hypertension. Unfortunately, the body needs two other types of fat that it doesn’t have junk food.

In addition, children’s weight gain food must have other balanced nutrition. These include carbohydrates, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins (including vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B complex). So that children get the ideal weight according to their age and height, mothers can also do the following:

  • Set a child’s meal schedule well. Make sure the child’s mealtime is not close to bedtime, especially naps.
  • Provide food with balanced nutrition, including age-appropriate calories.

The number of calories is an important thing that you need to pay attention to besides other nutritional intake. Because, excessive calorie intake and not doing physical activity can make children more at risk of obesity. Especially with the genetics of the parents and the child’s metabolic condition.

This is why mothers must be careful in choosing a food menu for their baby. Because, the food intake that the mother gives will also have an impact on her growth and development. If you need help, just ask the pediatrician at Halodoc, especially if the child has problems eating. Mom got downloads application Halodoc on the phone from Play Store or App Store.

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