Benefits of Genomic Tests for Detection of Hereditary Diseases

“Genomic tests are considered very effective for detecting the development of cancer cells in the body. One of the benefits of genomic testing for cancer is detecting tumors and understanding their behavior so doctors can determine the most appropriate treatment.”

Benefits of Genomic Tests for Detection of Hereditary Diseases

Halodoc, Jakarta – Genomic tests are useful to see how genes interact and the meaning of this interaction for health. Genomic tests differ from genetic tests in that they look at all genes, not just detect mutations in a single gene. These tests can show how the body is at the molecular level and the potential risk, development, or recurrence of inherited diseases.

This test is effective for checking the condition of cancer cells in the body due to heredity. The results will also help doctors and the medical team predict how severe your cancer is. Not only that, this test can also determine the risk of spread or metastasis of these cancer cells.

Benefits of Genomic Testing

Genomic tests are based on the current understanding of the human genome. This test can help identify the type and progression of the disease you have.

For example, if you have cancer, you will get information that explains the type of cancer and why your body can’t receive optimal treatment.

By knowing the reasons, of course the doctor or medical team will find it easier to carry out treatment and care according to the condition of your body.

In addition, there are various other benefits of this examination, such as:

  • Know the risk of disease that you can experience.
  • Provides predictions of how fast a disease is progressing in the body.
  • The risk of disease that has been overcome can relapse.
  • Determine the right treatment options.

Doctors usually use this test to detect cancer cells. This test has become part of the treatment and management of many types of cancer, including breast cancer and lung cancer.

This type of screening can help identify a person’s cancer risk, but genomic tests help identify genetic markers associated with disease characteristics.

Genome scans can help detect:

  • Tumor behavior.
  • How fast the tumor will grow.
  • How likely is it that the tumor will metastasize.

This test is important because tumor cells can mutate quickly. If genetic tests can help identify malignancies, genomic tests can identify the most effective way to treat them.

If a tumor suddenly mutates, genomic tests can tell if the mutation is amenable to targeted therapy. One example is the drug neratinib which would work by targeting and treating early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer.

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