Benefits of Fasting for People with Gastric Cancer

“Stomach cancer occurs when cells grow abnormally in the stomach organs. However, it is reported that fasting actually has a good effect on people with cancer, including gastric cancer.”

Benefits of Fasting for People with Gastric CancerBenefits of Fasting for People with Gastric Cancer

hellodoc, Jakarta – For people with gastric cancer, fasting can be a challenge. There are still many people with gastric disorders asking, can I join fasting? Is there an impact on the severity of gastric disease experienced?

Relationship between Fasting and Cancer

In fact, fasting is said to have a very good positive effect on people with cancer, and stomach cancer is no exception. Fasting is also believed to have a positive impact on overall body health. In addition, cancer sufferers who do fasting are also said to have experienced a fairly good improvement in their health conditions.

Fasting is said to help regenerate stem cells that affect the body’s immune system. This can help the body become more optimal in fighting cancer cells, while helping to reduce the side effects of the treatment being undertaken.

Although it provides many positive effects for people with cancer, fasting cannot be carried out at random. There are things that certainly need to be considered so that fasting does not have a harmful effect, especially for people with gastric cancer.

Simply put, people with gastric cancer must feel comfortable during fasting and believe in themselves that their body is strong enough to fast. Before fasting, people with cancer conditions, including gastric cancer, must also discuss and get approval from their doctor.

In addition, other important things that should not go unnoticed are meeting the body’s nutritional needs, and remaining disciplined in undergoing medical treatment as directed by a doctor. During fasting, the body will get less nutritional intake or experience a decrease.

However, people with cancer still have to undergo therapy and treatment that requires increased nutritional intake. This is why a discussion with a specialist is necessary before fasting.

Recognizing the Causes and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Until now, it is still not known exactly what causes gastric cancer. However, this health disorder is often associated with uncontrolled cell development in the stomach organs. Therefore, cells that were previously normal and working well, develop into dangerous tumors.

There are several factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing gastric cancer. Starting from an unhealthy diet, being 55 years old or older, having a bad habit of smoking, and experiencing bacterial infections pylori. In addition, the risk of gastric cancer also increases in people with chronic gastric infection conditions and have undergone gastric surgery.

There are several early-stage symptoms that appear in someone with gastric cancer. Examples include bloating, frequent burping, pain in the stomach, easy satiety, heartburn, digestive problems, and nausea and vomiting.

Furthermore, at a worse level, gastric cancer will show various other signs and symptoms. These include loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, jaundice, vomiting blood, fatigue, stools turning black, and swelling of the abdomen due to fluid buildup.

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