Athletes Must Know, These are Tips for Overcoming Stress After Exercising

“When done in excess, exercise is not healthy for the body, it even risks causing stress. So, make sure to do it as needed.”

Athletes Must Know, These are Tips for Overcoming Stress After Exercising

hellodoc, Jakarta – One way that can be done to support physical and mental health is through exercise. However, various types of exercise that are done excessively have a bad effect on the body as a whole.

Tips for Coping with Stress After Exercising

Stress, whatever the cause, should not be tolerated and must be treated immediately. This is because mental health problems can develop into more serious ones, such as depression. When experiencing stress, the body will show various symptoms.

These include increased heart rate and blood pressure, being more irritable and irritable, and many other things. This is why, stress after excessive exercise needs to be avoided, you can do some of the following tips.

  1. Make sure to rest

Resting is a way to deal with stress after exercising that you must do. It is true that exercise can help reduce symptoms of stress and nourish the body. However, you should also pay attention to the ability of the body.

Make sure you know when it’s time to rest. Doing physical activity also needs to be harmonized with adequate rest. The goal is to help restore the body’s muscles that work hard during exercise.

  1. Choose the type of sport according to your needs

The next tip is to choose the type of exercise that is in accordance with the needs and abilities of the body. For example, beginners are encouraged to do light types of exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling, or aerobics.

Because, every individual has the ability and body resistance that cannot be equated. This means, the body’s needs for the type and duration of exercise can be different. So, it is very important to know the capacity of the body and determine the appropriate type of exercise.

  1. Relaxation

In addition, it never hurts to do relaxation techniques after exercising. This method can help reduce stress after exercise, as well as provide protection to the body from the effects that may occur when you are stressed. Try meditation, deep warm-up techniques, and progressive muscle relaxation.

  1. Making time for hobbies

Doing a hobby is also the right way that you can try to deal with stress after exercising. You can pass the time by reading a book, listening to music, cooking, going shopping, going on vacation, or fishing. Always fill your mind with positive things so that you become calmer.

  1. Spending time with family or friends

Equally important, make sure you also make time for your closest family and friends. Family is your biggest supporter to go through difficult and crushing times and pressures. As a result, indirectly, stress can be reduced little by little.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the family to eat together or spending time on vacation. You can also gather with friends to exchange stories with each other. Participating in social groups can also be a solution to help reduce the heavy burden that feels pressing on the shoulders.

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