Apart from having no appetite, these are the characteristics of children with worms

“Children’s growth and development problems can be caused by many factors, one of which is intestinal worms. Therefore, make sure the mother recognizes the characteristics of a child with worms, starting from having no appetite, losing weight, to having worms in the stool.”

Apart from having no appetite, these are the characteristics of children with worms

Halodoc, Jakarta – American Academy of Pediatrics mentioned, infection due to worms is the most common health condition in children. This problem is more prone to attack children who experience extreme poverty in various developing countries, including in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This is why parents need to know what the characteristics of a child with worms are.

This is because worms that occur in children are a major health threat at the global level for children. Infection can occur when a child has direct contact with worm eggs from food, drink or other objects and accidentally swallows them. In fact, if children do not wash their hands, the infection can spread to other people.

Recognize the Characteristics of Children with Worms

Most cases of children with intestinal worms do not show serious and dangerous symptoms. In fact, parents may not be aware of the symptoms and are often misdiagnosed with other health problems. However, parents still need to know what are the characteristics of a child with worms.

The most characteristic symptom is a child experiencing a decrease in appetite. In addition, the characteristics of other children with worms include:

  1. The buttock feels itchy, can be red and inflamed because the child often scratches it.
  2. There are worms in the stool when the child defecates.
  3. Stomach feels bloated, hard, and painful.
  4. Makes noise when breathing.
  5. Easily offended.
  6. Experiencing weight loss.
  7. Sleep becomes restless.

How Do Worms in Children Spread?

Worms that infect children look like white threads about one centimeter long. These parasites live in the lower intestine, but exit at night through the anus to lay eggs in the area between the buttocks. This process will make the child’s buttocks feel so itchy.

One female worm can lay up to 16 thousand eggs. The spread of these worms can occur when the child scratches the buttocks, so that the eggs will get stuck in the long nails. Without washing hands, the eggs will enter the body when the child touches food.

In addition, worm eggs can also be spread through dust or direct contact with objects. In fact, outside the body, these worm eggs can survive up to two weeks. Once swallowed, worm eggs will hatch in the small intestine and move to the anus, triggering worm disease in children.

Take Prevention As Early As Possible

Worm infections can affect the growth and development of children. This is why, after knowing the characteristics of worms in children, mothers also need to know how to prevent this one parasitic infection. Be sure to do the following.

  • Invite children to always wash their hands after playing, before eating, and after using the bathroom.
  • Always change clothes every day.
  • Change and wash your sheets at least once a week.
  • Avoid allowing children to play in sand or mud.
  • Keep the house and environment clean at all times.
  • Invite children to keep nails and genital area clean.
  • Cook vegetables and fruit until cooked before consuming them.
  • Give worming medicine to children.

Don’t forget, periodically check the child’s health condition. If the mother finds any unusual symptoms, immediately do a more detailed medical examination. Take advantage of the Medical Appointments Service at Halodoc enough with downloads application Halodoc on mom’s phone.

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