5 Types of Exercise that Help Increase Height

“In addition to meeting your nutritional intake, you also need to exercise to increase your height. Several types of sports that make you tall and are highly recommended for example basketball, swimming and jumping rope.”

5 Types of Exercise that Help Increase Height

Halodoc, Jakarta – Genetic factors are indeed a determinant of a person’s height. However, that doesn’t mean you can just give up and not work on it.

In addition to genetic factors, nutritional fulfillment also plays an important role in increasing height. However, this method also needs to be accompanied by exercise so that the results are maximized.

In addition, several types of sports that make you tall and have been scientifically proven. Basketball, for example, bending and jumping can allegedly stimulate bone growth so that height increases.

Types of Sports that Make Tall

Apart from basketball, here are some types of sports that are claimed to increase height:

1. jogging

Jogging is one of the best exercises for increasing height that you should not miss.

This exercise is able to stimulate the growth of leg bones naturally and make them stronger. The effect is very obvious for someone who is or has puberty.

2. Jump rope

This sport seems easy to do. In fact, most people need to practice several times to become fluent at jumping rope.

The more often you jump, the more likely it is that your legs are longer because of the stimulation.

Besides jumping rope, you can also jump on a trampoline for a similar effect.

3. Swimming

When swimming, you will move your legs, body and arms to the fullest.

This will stimulate the growth of your leg bones while strengthening the muscles.

Well, breaststroke is the most suitable swimming style to increase height.

4. Bicycle

If you like cycling, do it regularly to increase your height. Stretching while pedaling a bicycle can stimulate the growth of leg bones.

Teenagers are the right age to start cycling. Exercising during adolescence can have a significant effect on height. The majority of people reach their maximum height in their teens.

5. Squats

Jump squats is also one of the best ways to increase height. This exercise supports the conditioning of the muscles and joints of the lower body while increasing height.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

According to a study uploaded in Journal of Physical Therapy Scienceit takes about eight weeks to see a change in the taller posture.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned 28 participants to one of three exercise protocols to improve their posture.

The team took posture measurements before the exercise program and after eight weeks.

All protocols resulted in significant posture improvement after eight weeks of exercise.

Although every body is different, it takes an average person eight weeks of eating for posture to improve enough to give the appearance of being taller.

Apart from doing exercises to improve posture, a person also needs to reduce activities that cause a decrease in posture, such as the habit of looking at a cell phone or slouching in a chair.

If you want to know more ways to increase height, especially for children and teenagers, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

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