5 Recommendations for Natural Ingredients for Heartburn for Babies

“Baby fever is a common problem. To overcome this, there are several natural ingredients that can be given as medicine, such as giving more fluids to children.”

5 Recommendations for Natural Ingredients for Heartburn for Babies

Halodoc, Jakarta – Internal heat is a disorder that can occur in babies so that your little one cries a lot. Actually, heartburn is not a disease, you knowbut rather a symptom of a disturbance that is occurring in the body.

Immediate treatment should be done immediately to treat the symptoms and get well soon. There are several natural remedies that can deal with heartburn in babies that can be used.

Various Choices of Heartburn Medication for Babies

1. More Rest

Rest is the most basic of cold remedies for babies and is also very helpful for healing. Let the child be in the house, especially if they have a fever.

No need to stay in bed all the time, the most important point is limiting activities. To fill free time so that children feel at home resting, try to do fun activities, such as reading books or watching their favorite movies.

2. Give More Fluids

In order for the child to recover faster, try to give more fluids, such as water, breast milk or formula milk. This is to keep the Little One’s body from lacking fluids.

For older children, you can give them frozen fruit and popsicles. Chicken soup can also be a good choice to ensure that the body’s fluid needs are met while increasing the body’s energy.

3. Salt Water

Another choice of natural ingredients as a remedy for heartburn in children is gargling with salt water. This is done so that the feeling of pain in the throat feels better.

To make it, take a glass filled with warm water and dissolve a spoonful of salt. Ask the child to gargle for a few minutes. To note, this method can only be given to children who can rinse their mouths.

4. Honey

Another natural ingredient that can be given to children to treat heartburn is honey. The liquid from the bees is effective against bacteria and viruses, which are the cause of this health problem.

Giving honey can be done directly using a spoon to the child. Another option is to mix it in hot tea, so that your child stays hydrated and gets the benefits of honey at the same time.

One important thing to remember, children who are not even one year old should not be given honey, because they are at risk of experiencing botulism.

5. Garlic

Mothers can also use garlic mixed in the food given to children. Garlic contains antibacterial substances that can fight bacteria and viruses.

The way to use garlic is to cut it into small pieces and mix it in the child’s food. Or it could be by giving small pieces so that the child immediately chews it.

Now mothers know various natural ingredients that can be used as heartburn remedies for babies. Age adjustments and children’s ability to eat need to be done in the selection of these natural ingredients. This is to get effective treatment and prevent other problems from occurring.

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