5 Negative Impacts of FOMO on Mental Health

“FOMO is a condition where someone is worried and afraid of losing the social or life experiences that other people enjoy. If not controlled, FOMO can have a negative impact on health.”

5 Negative Impacts of FOMO on Mental Health

Halodoc, Jakarta – FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is a condition when a person feels worried and afraid of missing other people’s social or life experiences. FOMO is a phenomenon that is increasing in a modern, digitally connected society.

FOMO begins with the behavior of frequently viewing beautiful images on social media and feeling left out or feeling anxious when unable to be involved in the experience. To get to know more about FOMO, you can read an article about Recognizing the FOMO Phenomenon, Does it Really Trigger Mental Disorders?

The Negative Impact of FOMO on Mental Health

It’s important to remember that FOMO is not the same as a desire to interact socially and enjoy new experiences. FOMO has more to do with anxiety and a fear of missing out on other people’s experiences. FOMO can affect people on many levels, from feeling mildly depressed to seriously impacting mental health.

Some of the negative impacts of FOMO on mental health include:

1. Anxiety and Stress

FOMO can cause a person to feel anxious and stressed because they worry about missing out on a pleasurable experience that someone else had. This anxiety and stress can cause sleep disturbances, excessive anxiety, and even depression.

2. Feelings of Dissatisfaction

FOMO can make a person feel dissatisfied with their life. They feel that other people’s lives are better than theirs and feel unhappy with themselves. This can affect a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence, which will ultimately impact their mental health.

3. Losing Satisfaction in Life

FOMO can make a person feel dissatisfied with their current life. They may feel that they missed a better experience and cannot enjoy their life now. This can affect a person’s quality of life and make them feel unhappy.

4. Disturbing Productivity and Concentration

FOMO can interfere with a person’s concentration and make it difficult for them to focus on the task at hand. They may constantly check social media to see what’s going on in the world, or think about social experiences they’ve missed. This can affect their productivity and performance at work or at school.

5. Triggering Negative Behavior

FOMO can trigger negative behaviors such as using drugs, drinking alcohol, or other risky behaviors. A person may feel the need to experience things that are popular or engage in behavior that could harm their health.

How to Manage FOMO

FOMO can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health and can affect their quality of life. Therefore, it is important to learn how to manage FOMO appropriately.

1. Recognize That FOMO Is Normal

First of all, it’s important to remember that FOMO is normal and many people experience it. Acknowledging that FOMO is normal can help reduce the pressure you feel.

2. Focus on Your Priorities and Goals

Prioritizing the things that are important in your life can help you feel more fulfilled and reduce the tendency to compare your life to the lives of others.

3. Reduce Social Media Use

Constantly checking social media to compare your life to that of others will only exacerbate FOMO tendencies. Try to reduce your use of social media or even quit it completely if you feel it is affecting your mental health too much.

That’s the negative impact of FOMO on mental health. If you feel that the FOMO condition has had a negative impact on yourself, immediately consult a therapist before the FOMO condition takes away our mental health.

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