5 Natural Ingredients to Overcome Sunburn on the Skin

“Sunburn makes the skin sore and red. This condition can be overcome by using natural ingredients, such as yogurt, honey, aloe vera, cucumber masks, and coconut oil.”

5 Natural Ingredients to Overcome Sunburn on the Skin

Halodoc, Jakarta – Sunlight has many positive effects on the body. However, excessive sun exposure, especially when it’s hot, can trigger sunburn or sunburn sunburn. This condition can make the skin sore and reddish.

Sunburn not only attack the skin of the hands and face. Other areas of the body such as the ears and scalp can also experience it. In fact, the eyes and areas of the body that are closed also have a risk of experiencing exposure. For example, when you wear clothes with loose weaves that allow UV light to enter.

So, how do you deal with it sunburn with natural ingredients?

Overcoming Sunburn with Natural Ingredients

Excessive sun exposure without protection on the skin can increase the risk of developing many skin health problems. Not only triggers the appearance of signs of premature aging of the skin, sunburn can also cause eye damage, and the risk of skin cancer.

To reduce symptoms sunburn that you feel, try using some of the following natural ingredients.

1. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has a myriad of benefits for skin care and beauty, one of which is to help overcome negative effects sunburn. How to use it is also very easy. peel and slice the aloe vera into small pieces.

Then, take the inside or gel and apply it to the affected skin sunburn. If you have trouble getting aloe vera plants, you can look for instant products that are already widely sold.

2. Yogurt

In addition to helping launch the digestive tract, yogurt is also used to overcome sunburn. This is thanks to the fat and protein content in yogurt which helps reduce the sting of sunburned skin.

How to use it, you can apply yogurt on the affected skin sunburn. Then, let stand for a while until the yogurt dries. After that, rinse the yogurt using cold water.

3. Cucumber mask

How to overcome sunburn another naturally is to use a cucumber mask. This type of vegetable is often used for skin care and beauty.

Not only does it make your face fresher and brighter, cucumber masks can also help reduce pain and soothe irritated skin sunburn. This is because cucumber contains natural analgesic and antioxidant properties which are very good for skin health.

If you want to use cucumber as a natural remedy to overcome sunburn, you can thinly slice or grind the cucumber. Then, apply it on the burned skin. Shut up for a few moments and repeat until the skin is experiencing sunburn getting better.

4. Coconut oil

The next way is to use coconut oil. However, you should only use organic coconut oil after the skin blisters and sores have subsided sunburn We have reached the final stage of healing.

Also, don’t forget to do an allergy test on the skin to prevent an allergic reaction from appearing. Avoid using coconut oil on your face if you have sensitive and acne-prone facial skin. Because, coconut oil can clog skin pores so that acne will worsen.

5. Honey

How to deal with sunburn can also use honey. Honey has various properties for natural medicine for various diseases, including conditions caused by excessive sun exposure. Honey has calming and antibacterial properties that can speed up wound healing. As a result, honey can help reduce inflammation that occurs in the skin that is experiencing it sunburn.

However, when sunburn does not improve even though you have used natural medicine or it triggers secondary symptoms, stop using it and immediately take it to the nearest hospital. Check and make an appointment hospital in Halodoc so you no longer have to queue. You can downloads Halodoc on Play Store or App Store for free.

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