4 Types of Adult Herbal Cough Medicines from Natural Ingredients

“There are various kinds of herbal cough medicines for adults that come from natural ingredients. One of them that can be consumed and is effective for dealing with this throat disorder is honey.”

4 Types of Adult Herbal Cough Medicines from Natural Ingredients

Hellodoc, Jakarta – Coughing can cause feelings of discomfort and even interfere with productivity if left unchecked. Especially if you need to appear in front of many people, of course this should be avoided, right?

Coughs are usually caused by irritation or dryness in the back of the throat, so soothing that area can be a good solution. This problem can also be caused by allergies, smoke, dust, to excess mucus.

When you don’t have cough medicine at home, you can make it with a variety of available ingredients. In fact, its effectiveness is not inferior to various drugs with chemicals, and it is safer for consumption.

Powerful Adult Herbal Cough Medicine

1. Honey

One of the natural ingredients that can overcome cough is honey. The content contained in honey is able to treat coughs caused by infections of the upper respiratory tract. In fact, consuming it can suppress coughs and reduce the need for antibiotics.

How to consume honey is to swallow a spoonful directly or add it to a hot drink, such as herbal tea. The combination of honey and tea can certainly provide good benefits for the throat.

2. Ginger

Ginger is also an adult herbal cough medicine that can be consumed. This plant can relieve dry cough or asthma because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Well, you can mix ginger and honey to get more powerful benefits.

3. Gargle Saltwater

Another herbal treatment that can be done to stop coughing is to gargle salt water. This method can relieve a sore throat and its various symptoms, as well as remove accumulated mucus.

To make this liquid, namely:

  • Stir half a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water until dissolved.
  • Let it cool a bit before gargling.
  • Let the liquid sit in the back of the throat for a moment before expelling it.
  • Do it several times until the cough improves.

Should not be done by small children and someone who has high blood pressure.

In addition, another alternative is gargling with antiseptic drugs that are effective in dealing with viruses or bacteria in the throat. In this way, the viral load is drastically reduced.

4. Thyme Leaves

Not only for flavoring dishes, these leaves are also useful as medicines in overcoming coughs, sore throats, to digestive problems. According to research, these leaves can help in relieving cough symptoms. To treat coughs, look for cough syrups that contain this natural ingredient.

Those are some adult herbal cough medicines with natural basic ingredients that can be consumed. If you want to reduce the consumption of drugs with chemicals, choose one method that is suitable and effective in dealing with an attacking cough. But if it does not go away, it would be better to immediately consult a doctor.

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