4 Exercises to Stay Fit while Staying Up Late Watching the 2022 World Cup

“Some people choose to stay up late watching the 2022 World Cup. There are several sports to stay fresh in the morning despite lack of sleep, one of which is by taking a leisurely walk.”

4 Exercises to Stay Fit while Staying Up Late Watching the 2022 World Cup

Halodoc, Jakarta – Staying up late is an activity that needs to be avoided. Because this activity can interfere with activities in the morning. However, some people do this on purpose because they want to watch the 2022 World Cup.

Apparently, there is, you know, a way to get around the lack of sleep with some exercise. This method is expected to make the body fitter the next day, so that daily activities can run well.

Sports that are suitable for maintaining health after staying up late

1. Leisurely Walk

The first exercise that can be done is a leisurely walk. Try getting up early as usual and getting back in shape by taking a leisurely walk around the area around the house. Refreshing morning air can increase energy and eliminate sleepiness due to lack of sleep.

Not only that, there are lots of benefits from this activity. One of them helps blood circulation. Oxygen that is inhaled in the morning flows to the brain, so that drowsiness can be minimized.

2. Sit ups or push ups

Sport sit ups and push ups you can do it in the morning after staying up all night. By doing this physical activity, you can feel happy and happy because of the endorphins produced.

Because, endorphins are chemicals in the brain that can cause feelings of comfort, pleasure, and happiness. Make moves sit ups or push ups according to physical conditions.

3. Squats

If you often feel sleepy while doing work during the day, try to find an empty space and do squats. This movement can eliminate feelings of drowsiness and lack of enthusiasm, so that concentration can be regained.

You can also do it at your desk. The trick, stand with both feet in front of the table and position both hands parallel to the shoulders that are placed on the work table. Imagine like you are sitting on a chair.

Well, you can do this movement 4 to 6 times or adjust to your own abilities. When in a position like sitting, hold the movement for 15 seconds. After that, the feeling of drowsiness may disappear.

4. Run

If you have a running routine every day, staying up late shouldn’t be a hindrance. Try to keep doing it even if you have to sleep in the morning because of watching the World Cup like now.

If you haven’t done it before, try doing this physical activity in the morning so that your body is fitter. Of course, drowsiness due to lack of sleep can also be minimized.

You also need to adjust your schedule according to working hours and not push yourself. Determine how long you want to run, but it is recommended only 10 to 15 minutes because your body condition may not be optimal.

Here are some sports that are suitable for doing after staying up late because of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In addition to exercising, try to reduce unhealthy snacks and eat more fruit if you are hungry at night. That way, the return to condition of the body occurs more quickly.

If you still have other questions related to various sports to stay fit even though you stay up late, ask the doctor from Halodoc can be used to get answers. Enough with downloads application Halodocall facilities in accessing health can be obtained through smartphones in hand. Download now!

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